Sunday, December 19, 2010


If you're following me on facebook you'll know that i'm not in a good mood for this past 2 weeks. It Jus attacked me like a huge wave.
But luckily I have a huge log saving me from drowning.
How to define a relationship.
Friends? After I enter uni , I realise that there're diff ways in classifying a friendship.
And which I don think it really exist. But now I started to feel unsecure. Can anybody ensure me that i'm thinking too much? Maybe so. I know myself pretty well. I've put in effort to change but it seems that I'm still me. And how stupid am I that by now only I realise I don have to make anyone like me . If they understand me they would have accepted me for who I am.maybe I'm Jus an attention freak for them anyway.Maybe ken's right. Something he said Jus enlighten me.... I miss you buddy.
I hope things work out.
It's really have been a tough week for me.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Last week of class!

One and a half week from now I'll be having my christmas break! Yippie! I know i'm not suppose to be so happy right now when I am still having prosthodontics practicals tomoro...yaiks... But still! I'm already in holiday mood man...... Cant resist that... Looking forward to mumbai trip! Would take a lot of pictures! Whee!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Santa claus is coming to town...!

December! Last month of the year!
How fast time passed? Its Jus a blink since I celebrated christmas in india last year....
So happy that christmas is here again...Although now i'm struggling with internals .... T.T pathology makes me crazy... My brain stop working when I study the chapter sterilisation for microbiology.... Aikz..... That show how boring 2nd year subjects are... But still.... I need to study!
Have been moody for few days.... Have no idea why... But still! I'm excited for my christmas holiday trip... Going to spend my christmas in numbai this year....
Weather in salem is so cold.... Its so nice to sleep but yet i'm having insomnia.... Maybe sometimes I take things too seriously.... Its tired to be who you are not suppose to be.... When could I be honest to myself as well as to anyone else.... Hope the day come soon..... Good night world.....
#lucky i'm in love with my best fren lucky to be where I've been lucky to be coming home again....#

Friday, October 8, 2010

End of September with a brand new starting of october.

Its quite a tough month. I'm back in india again.
2nd year program was jus so boring.
Preparing for the PIDC opening cheer competi.
Here comes the shocking news.
Bryan Chiel Yi Hao, An intelligent boy,
Passed away in an accident involving his bike and a tractor in USA.
May his soul R.I.P.
Many things happened ,
==There's a guy in our return flight shouting , " Malaysian die die die die" and a bunch of tamil which we do not understand at all. Really tot that he's going to hijack the plane. Phew.
The funniest thing is someone actually have rope in his bag. Tied the noisy fellow up.. haha..

==Darwin got epilepsy attack during his batch practice.

== Our anatomy lecturer, Sir Anand aka teddy bear , fell off his bike , visited him @ hosp.

== My dearly roommate , Ravinder was sick , Viral fever, admitted in the hosp for 2 nights. T.T

== Shane and ken were sick too.. viral infections.

Ok.. conclude the bad month.

Here comes the bright october~!!
PIDC CUP opening was held yesterday.
Everyone did a great job.
Congrats to Team APOLLO for winning the tent decoration and the jersey competition.

I love our chants this year.



Monday, September 13, 2010

Last day of my holiday in Malaysia.

WohOoo.... Time FLIES.
One month holiday is over...~!!
Omg Omg... I'm officially a 2nd year student~~
Cheers practice and PIDC cup is waiting for us there~
Although its kinda sien going bek... ==
And.... PIDC is jus earning money like hell.
They are fining us for even public holidays, 2nd saturday and also sunday.
total 1500 there. wtf. wtf wtf...
haiz.... going bek... == -- ==
Going yam cha with fellow secondary skool frens later~~~! yeah~!
Bye blog.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


He just doesnt care. Does he?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gathering after yearssss...

Cats and Dogs 2 - The revenge of kitty galore.
Not bad la. better than piranha though.

Midvalley with my dears.
Ate at madam kwans, the fried rice is so damn oily.
Dinner with KoKokrunch err.. forgot the name...
KaiHengs bf... @ kuchai lama.
Not bad la the food.
Camwhore all the time~

Me n Xian
Me n Heng

Oh.. i really love this pic...

Me n Joshua

Heng's leaving a day after me.
Good Luck my dear~!! Take care.
Will always love you~!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Another week had passed.
Departure date is just around the corner.
Start packing.
Hari Raya is just 2 more dayz.

Last week.
Went movie with my ladies again.
Bloody scenes....
Not memorable though.
U can guess the whole storyline by reading the title.
Piranha = Fish that bites.
After that was a charity dinner.
Nothing special. Again we see the uncle who volunteer to host the dinner.
His laugh is so annoying.

Went to the immigration yesterday afternoon.
No more numbers. wtf.
Ikea with my ladies again.
Bought a table lamp for danielle tan.... muackz.
Went station 1 for dinner.

Went Immigration again today morning .
Reached@ 10.00am and served @ 2.30pm.
Its so frustrating looking at how they work.
and i never get my passport yet.
Tmr morning the same thing would happen again. shit.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Relaxing. Relieving.


Somehow it was a relieve after passing all the subjects.Isnt it.
No more coffees and no more midnight oil.
Hey Guys, Guess this is the first picture of my permed hair... wahaha...
Comment pls?

Help my cousin wayne with his bday steamboat party.
after tat was a movie with my ladies .
Grown ups, a great comedy though.

Had korean food.
Its not really great.
Mom's spicy seafood soup rice.
Look spicy but its not.
My spicy roasted chicken.
Rice cake, tasted like hmm.... chee cheong fun. haha
Awwwww.... This is the pomeranian in the pet shop...
so cutee...
# today things doesnt turn up#
# i'm upset#
# Worried#

Friday, August 27, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekly update.

I'm just so lazy to update. haha.
Its been a week.
Jus came back from melacca with my dearly frens but we hardly take photos.
Due to camera-less and laziness. ha.
I know its so boring if i keep on writing my trip as a journal.
So i keep it short.
Went there with hee hee(driver), sachin, shane, yiwen and a nia.
Aeroplane people : a ma and vivi.. Both sick. ==
Reached melacca city in 1 hr from kl... hehe...
eat around. Really jus eat~!!
Then 2 movies in 2 days.
" The expandable" and " SALT"

By Angelina Jolie.
Quite an interesting movie but a little bit confusing.
Most of the guys slept in the cinema so maybe its boring for them.
But... Angelina Jolie is so hottttt.....

by Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li, Jason Statham,Terry Crew.
Sylvester Stallone's biceps are so so so so fucking scary.
And this movie is jus a big project with big scenes of explodes and machine guns.
No plot. haha.
Waiting to watch inception. sumone watched it w/o me.

I permed my hair.
Shane says i look like auntie and hee hee say i look like taylor swift.
So... Its human's ability to choose to belif the 2nd one rite? =p
But i thinkit shud b ok la... not really ugly. acceptable. haha

This month is GHOST FESTIVAL.
so... suppose tat lok ann following us to melacca but she say her mom don let her out.
then got bomb by all of us. haha.
This few dayz bzing preparing for the prayers.
Yesterday pray @ roadside.
Today prayed the ancestors.
and a birdie following us all the way, strange. haha...

I called it Mr.Ugly, but my mom sumhow call it oreos.
Thanks for summone's suggestion.
Hes so sos o ugly.... T.T
Dunno y my uncle will buy it. and now its in my house~!!
My lady is 100%cuter. ><

# I wish you're here#
# Sitting beside me #
# Holding me in your arms #
# Miss you #

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm Bek~!

Hey fellows... I'm finally back in Malaysia again.
Officially ended my first year at the moment i step on my motherland.
How fast time passes?
Its just like yesterday when i first came home in march.
Phew. Many things happened within a year~
There's happy things, there's sad things.
But its not important anymore.
Its good to be home, although my doggie barked at me like hell.haha..
She obviously dun remember me... t.t
My hand's swollen. Insect bite i think.
Now its so damn hard to type on the keyboard.
Hmm... Watever.
Sleepy... gtg... bye

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I'm going to face my first uni final exam soon.
I don know why this final exam is so scary.
I never felt so anxious like this before.
Keep on studying but yet at the end u feel like its no enough.
So frustrated.
Yesterday i received his msg. He sounds sad.
He really noe the timing of making me sad. ==
Facing finals in another 3 dayz. I cried yesterday.
So so so so depressed.
Black eyes circles coming out. But yet i sleep alot.
Cant sleep well. Everybody ask me y stressed urself like tat?
The answer is i don know.
Whenever i try to sleep, all the thing i've study will run in my head circling my brain.
Like those cartoon~ == haha
Thanks to someone special.
U made me feel warm and secure.
Its good to have you here.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Girl Who has missed a lot.

Suddenly a thought strikes my mind.
What if i'm not that stubborn?
Would i gain back the things that i've lost?
Or from this moment onwards i shud change?

Evidence one -
Maybe i shud have forgive her earlier.
Then i could gain back the fun i suppose to have in choir.
Singing used to be a part of me. Because of tat small incident, i gave up.
Feel so stupid and childish when i think back.
Haha. Now? I think i've lost the opportunity to sing with them again.
Everyone's fall apart. I hope. One day. We can do tat again.

Evidence two -
Jus recently Lavoce choir went to Shao Xing China for the 6th world choir games.
And congrats~!! They got Gold Medal 4~!!
This again strikes my heart.
I really missed alot of fun during the last trip to Xiamen China. Seriously.
I would have enjoy the trip nicely. If i'm not so jealousy.
Kinda funny rite? I know. But wat to do. I'm jus 15~!!

Evidence three -
there's something i always wanted to apologize but i still do not have the guts.
It happened long time ago .
I dun wan to mention what evidence is tat but SORRY.
I think i will go personally.~!

Evidence Four -
Jus enjoy SINGING.
Singing in choir is the Happiest Moment ever in Life.
I jus wish i could go bek to the past.
Or we shud create the future? ^^
I think i'm just too far away from that.

Singing -- Enjoy~!!

## Singing is a part of my life#

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pictures after ages.

Pictures which i took randomly

Jus feel like practicing makeup after bored of studying...
Hope my skills are still there... haha

This pictures really so bad? Y everybody say i like " shen gui yuan fu" ?
Personally like tat pic. ==

Come Lets Guess~!! What is this???

Jai'mie's bek~


It has been ages since the last time I updated my blog.

Connections here are bad. So… no choice ler….

Final is jus in one week ~ Hope I could manage to finish.T.T


I never felt so depressed for such a long time. guess I’m jus having some life problem.

Somehow I’m thinking, how shud I value myself?

From other’s point of view or shud I take my stand?

I cud have jus split it out but it seems hard.

For tat someone.

Sorry seems the only word I could say.

Maybe sorry cannot solve or even heal your wound but I still owe u tat.

I’m currently in a r/s which I do not have the guts to tell you.

Pls dun take it wrongly.

Ya, Guiltiness came upon me.

But yet, I dun think I did something wrong.

Pls be strong as I know u would.

Feeling Insecure.

Why life must be so complicated?

Why is the feeling coming back?

Why do I care?

Why do I Have to face all this things?


Take a breath.

Jus couldn’t breathe.

Put ur arms around me and hold me.

Assure tat I’ll be safe in your arms.

Monday, March 22, 2010

After a week in Malaysia.

Came back for one week.
Felt like i've done nthing but eat eat eat . ><
Hmm..... I think i've completed half of my food list. Hehe
Sambal, satay, wan tan mee, gai si hor fun, char kuey teow, snacks,
japanese food, mom's cook, fook kin char, ngabou gai fan, lamb chop, fish and chips.
Hmm... Later got roasted duck and belacan fish. Whee.....
Din get to go out with many frens,
since they're all bzing with their work and assignments.
Last sat went out with a gong and a ma....
Off to subang by ktm and then to puchong ...
Had Sakae sushi @ IOI mall, then head to a ma house.
Met kai ye and kai ma for a while then went home.
I'm so so so so bored. Haven find da jie summore.
My sweets disappeareddd~!!!!!!! Argh...
I'm going to midvalley tmr and penang on thursday.
Friday going out with shane and kido,
maybe nite time going out with kai heng they all....
Hmm... and 4 more days to leave.
Feel like not counting it but.... its still a fact that i have to accept.

# moody day #
# #

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Who does Jaimie Look like?

MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Family reunion - Free family history

Jaimie's growing album.

Jaimie's Growing chart~!

When i was borned.
Next to me is Ho Jen Chien who is 2 months older than me~
Big eyes gal. Tats where this name comes from.
My 1st Birthday with my daddy and mommy.
My 2nd Birthday with Godmother and Godfather.
Godmother passed away a year ago due to breast cancer.
I really do miss her a lot.

Oh, this is my mom's Spitz. Wendy. She died after my grandpa passed away.

3 yrs ~ I'm so cute rite?

Wonder y my look become like this. Haiz.

Accidentally found this picture and i went OMG.....~!

I'm so chubby~!

4 yrs old - Trip to Australia with mom and dad.
Oh~ Half naked. Shy Neh. XD

Oh wat a poser am i.~ =P

Was posing for competition and da above one : i'm da bridesmaid ( i dunno wat is it for a child)

Me and my grandpa. I doesnt look like a 6 yrs old child. So mature.

My graduation pic for Seri Murni Kindergarten.

OMG. My obese period. Somehow look so round.

Form 2~
Jaimie Lai @ March 2010 .

Oh and this one? I look like her rite?

She's my mom. haha =D

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hot Hot Hot Thursday.

Malaysia is really hot.... And i noe y...
Coz my mom dun let me switch on da aircond.... ><
Anyway, my cutie little apple is taking her nap now...
Bought some stuff for her to chew....
Had been playing since morning......
Argh.. jus woke up from my nap and i was sweating.... ><
wat a hot day.
And theres really nthing to do today...
Keep on eating eating and eating.
People pls if u suddenly found my face turning round pls pls pls tell me.
Someone actually ruined my day..... It was so ... argh.. dunno how to explain la...
Having mood swing, guess periods coming again....

# Is it stupid to miss someone who doesnt even misses me at all? #
# Do you miss me? =p #

Complicated feelings.

I think i chipped of a part of the enamel from my third molar....

Such a complicated day.
DAY 3 = Malaysia.
Today i woke up so early ~ 8 AM ( which means its jus 5.30 am in INDIA)
Had breakfast with my mom after sending my brothers to tuition.
Then went to Pet shop to see see look look.
Guess wat... I got a miniature schnauzer..... yeah~!
And this is da most complicated part...
my dad dun like dogs, so ... i kena lo...
Then my mom dun wan to let my dad noe its her idea to buy dogs.
Then i have to pura pura kena marah lo~ ><
the worst part is my youngest brother tried to strunggle da 2 month old puppy...
So scary lar....
I firstly named it as kochi... And get scolded again... and now da new name is apple...

# I think i shud not bother him for this few dayz#
# I miss you, do you miss me? #

Monday, March 15, 2010

Lonely TUESDAY morning.

Suppose i'm waiting for a call.
From my beloving cousin who says tat we shud go out today for a movie.
So. I'm waiting. I think she haven even got up from bed~ ><
My mom went out without me, of course its becoz i overslept.
And my 2 brothers are outside watching animation....
Hmmm..... Watever.
Yesterday was quite a shocking day for me.
He really came with a banner and flowers to my house.
Thanks Sachin for ur dream and it really comes true. ><
But i think i managed to settle. I hope so.
Talked to him for about 1 or 2 hrs i forgot.
Hmm.. And i'm happy he can treat me as a fren at last. FRIEND.
Anyway, hope my phone line can b activated as soon as possible.
Its quite suffering without a phone no. Wanna call pun susah.
Phone No : 0172039878
People if u dun noe me ps dun call me or msg me ok? I'm leaving my no here jus for my FRIENDS.

# Wondering if u miss me too?#

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Back in Malaysia after 5 months.

15-03-10 Monday 2.19 am.
Sitting in front of the desktop.
The line is so damn fast. Haha
Hmm.... My house changed alot.
They changed the fridge, changed the sofa,
changed the television set when i'm not at home... WTF.
But its really good to b home,
my bed my bao bao my blankie....
Still so awake. coz of jet lag. ><

# Anyway, jus to tell you guys. #
* I miss you *

Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm angry.

I started my day with no smile on my face.
I'm so fucked up.
People actually ignoring my argument. F"""k Him.
Hostel problem.
I'm not trying to be racist but stilll some issue could not b tolerate la....
And i wonder y they cant let us talk.
Called me a terrorist. Say dun wan to see me again.
Hu wanna see u o... If i'm leading my comfortable life here i wont see u la....
U think u;re handsome ka?

#I dun wan to talk to you anymore#
I think maybe my concern is nothing for you. X(

Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Midnight.

My last weekend was so miserable.
Sitting down in front of the table doing ODS tooth models.
I wonder y the lecturer is rushing us ... haiz....
I did bad artworks. Seriously bad. Till i cannot accept. ARGH.
Nvmd. I'll make sure that i'll redo everything.
Its only 12 more dayz to go bek to malaysia. Excited.
1st time going home after so long. Haha...
Its now 12.57 am. So late dee yet i had jus finish sand-papering half of my ods models.
And i had a feeling of burning the lecturer's house down.Uhh....
Maybe you shud learn to let go something.
I'm so frustrated.

# Lonely Monday Midnight#
Sitting in front of the laptop , thinking of you.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Chinese Valentines Day and Chap Goh Meh~ ^^

Last day of cny, My cny this year is jus like ordinary dayz.
Classes, Projects, Exams. I miss home.
Woke up this morning by mama poppy and her babies.
She bring them back to the so call " cave" again.
Nvmd... later oni ask a boy to gao dim ....
But its still so early. Woke up at 7 and sleep bek.
I had a nice dream. Not really wiling to wake up actually. =P
Guess we r too tired yesterday, lie on the bed and doze off.
Steamboat was fun. Although the game session is cancelled.
Still manage to have a nice celebration for zap goh meh. ^^
And oh ya. Congratz to the seniors who has passed their exams.
Lastly . Again .
Happy Chinese Valentines Day and Chap Goh Meh.
Hope u all have a nice one.

#Its really warm until you leave.#

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm Lost.

Bring me back to the original position.
Where i can set my heart free.
Can you?

I'm still ALIVE

Really wonder my frens and family in malaysia still rmb me o not...
I've disappeared for almost 4 months....
I was so tired this few dayz,
starting with the assignment, exams.( there's a story) , ODS impressions.
About the exam.
ARGH...... kinda feel like killing people.
and my eyes are swollen, thanks to shane tham.
He accidentally " exposed " his bird coz he tore his pants.
So....... its swollen. So pity la my eyes. T.T

Off to jog.
Heart is a place where the soul rest.
Where is mine?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Stuffy monday evening.

Its so hot outsideeeeee.......
Air conditioner is a great invention. I'm now sitting in my room with the max ac.
Hu.... Its like an oven outside. Cant imagine how summer is going to be.
Yesterday slept quite late coz there was a gambling session in my room.
And i think i got win gua.... haha....
Cooked bak kut teh and again. We lou sangggg.... =D
Slept at 2 am and it feel so shitty to wake up this morning.
But make it and went to class. Boring day as usual .
Rita ma took another 15 minutes of interaction session after class which makes me coming home late. ><

***** Secret Secret Secret*****
I would have told you.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 149 in India. I'm Blurred.

Day 149 - i'm here in india for 21 weeks and 2 dayz.
I'm blurred of everything.
Jus tat Dr Isaac finally explained to us wat is blacks classification of cavity.
My head's going to burst.
Shud i go for it? Or i shall wait?
Hmmmmmm.... deep considerations.
It may be a good choice.
Seems that the 5th batch seniors has finished their exams today.
And most of them are leaving end of this month.
This indicates that we have to move out to senior hostel soon.
Hmmm.... Who's gonna b my roommate? i think roshiny promoted me to kamini, who is my future roommate according to the list.
But its still under consideration.
Blurred Blurred Blurred.
Headache Headache Headache.

Chiaoz Chiaoz. Need some sleep.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

♥♥ The First Single Valentines Day ♥♥

It has been so long since i celebrated valentines as a single .
Before Alex Ng, Its Alex Lio who celebrated with me~ Haha
Now i found out 2 of my exs are ALEX.
Anyway, this year was a special year for me,
away from home, away from the warmth.
Hmm... But celebrating Valentines as a single may be a good thing too.
Although i din recieve any flowers, presents, but still, i had a happy one.
* I DID recieve flower but its not mine. Haha... And tat was an awful joke my lovely batchmates played on me.
Way to yercauld to celebrate. Me and evania had a romantic time sitting behind the boat. A ma and Yiwen had a great time paddling the boat. Haha.
Had a nice dinner, and cocktail - Tropical Madness.
The waiter actually remembered me. Wth...
And now me and lok ann being the " popular " one among Indians. Lol

Chiaoz. I miss them. And. I miss Him too.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

♥♥–Pictures– ♥♥

♥♥–Pictures– ♥♥
♥♥–CNY Preparation– ♥♥

Date : 13-02-10
Venue : PIDC Junior Quaters Block 3
Activity : Cooking, decorating cai shen, rehearsal for performance.

♥♥–CNY Celebration– ♥♥

Yow Hee Attacked by "咸猪手"
Lok Ann slumber shj.
Jaimie attacked by ----- Beans.

Transformation of Chai Shen.
Dark-skinned god of fortune.
The Love Board.

Lovely Couple

♥♥–Jessel -- Vivien– ♥♥

♥♥–Li Herng --- Dorothy– ♥♥

Hahaha.... God of poverty.

♥♥–Yercauld Trip– ♥♥
Ever seen such a big cotton candy?
Its jus 20 ruppees~

Jagung Jagung.

Pigeon Chest Everyone ~!

Slumber punya A nia.
Having a nice sun bath.

Yiwen : Omg omg omg the boat is going to knocked into us.
Happy Yiwen.

Evania : Eh, u two cannot b synchronise a bit one hor.
See people so relax u two so gan chiong.
Slower a bit ar... okok ... turn left turn left.

Boat Paddling , Lake .