Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just Another Random one.

Random blogging again .
What a nice last sunday to enjoy,
after this, a series of "war" awaiting.
Batch mates came back since yesterday.
As well as the 10th batch juniors too.
Which apparently means ; slow connection. argh.
School starts tomoro with prosthodontics. What a torturing start.
Hope the evil penguin wont torture us anymore.
Oh ya. Talked to yoke see @saturday.
She's still the same, and she's in australia now for almost 2 months. Haha...
It seems that she missed the old time when we're back together in SAM.
I missed that too.
I missed all my frens.

I think i better go sleep.
Finally my alarm is back to work after 2 weeks of rest.
Good night peeps.

# Love is a mess #

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Congratz to my deary little brother.

Congratulations Darren Lai for getting good results in spm~!!
We knew you could do it if u work hard.
Muacks... love you~!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Snake in the hostel.

It was around 10 at night 2 days ago.
When i heard unusual noise outside my block.
I went outside to see whats going on,
Once i open the door , i say anushiya standing at the staircase and screamed.
Look outside the small window, holy shit.
Security guard trying to kill a snake~!!!!!!!!!!
somehow they say its bad to kill snake as it resembles god.
But what to do? its harmful doesnt it.

Summer Goa~!!

Its been two days since i came back from goa~
Nice Beach Nice Food, Most important SHOPPING~!!
There's some pictures and story i would like to share.
Day 1 - 14-03-2011
The worst landing ever~! Jetairways.
As soon as we reached the airport we rent a cab to the hotel .
Hotel : ZINHO'S hotel .
Seems like the cab driver loves sachin so much that he keep on telling him facts of goa. ^^
Then its TE-LUNCH time~!!
Shack : Dream Catcher.
What a name. Got myself a ham and cheese s/w and
a banana lassi.
Walking and photo session by the sea.
Naki and Shan got themselves a temporary tattoo.
Dinner~!! Shack - Joe Louie.
Prawn sizzler!! woho
they got some apple flavoured cigar too.
Midnight PARTAY~! Chilling outside a closed shack. Enjoying breezers and beers.

Zinho's hotel.

Dream Catcher shack.
Shanthini having her "ying yang" tattoo.
Joe Louie

Cigar time~!!

2ND Day ~! 15-03-2011

Wore a new beach dress ~!! Looks nice though. hehe ^^
Had breakfast at our hotel's beach shack. SAHFIL'S Shack.
Shopping day~!! Bought myself another dress and bikini~!!
Calangutte - watersports in the evening. got 4 sports for RS400 oni.
Bumper boat, jet ski, banana boat , PARASAILING.
Let the pictures take the words.
Had dinner at shack : St Anthony.
Worst service ever~!! The karaoke session sucks. Singer sucks. Waiter cant even speak proper english. Cannot even explain what they have on the menu. Food was ok but expensive.

In one of the fitting room.
Mr Muscle?

3rd Day 16-03-2011
Sahfil's again to have breakfast.
Went to Mapussa town today ~!! Bus traveling for around 30 min.
Went to the market and tried indian ice cream -- something like ice kacang ( only the ice) with different coloring , lime and salt.
Next stop : Anjuna Flee Market. Bought myself a bracelet and some anklets. A bag for tharshiny too~!
Back to calangutte , walk all the way back to baga.
Had dinner at Brittos~ The food was awesome~! especially the blue berry cheese cake. Yum`!!
Anjuna Beach
On the bus to anjuna - handicap?

4th day 17-03-2011
It seems that we're a loyal customer of sahfils . went back there to sit the whole day by the beach. Chilling.
First experience wearing bikini~!! shy neh.
But jus after a while i went to put my shirt back. haha.
The sea water is jus too salty for me. ==
Had lunch in sahfils, shopped with a dor and esther. bought something as souvenirs.
Dinner in Banana something something. hehe. the chilly prawn is nice. ^^
Chill by the beach again~! TRUE OR DARE.
Its kinda funny to see a bunch of people doing stupid things ~~! hahahahaha....
EG: Flashing to a dog??

5th day 18-03-2011
Since our flight is in the afternoon, we still manage to have breakfast in Lucky star.
Then its last minute shop for souvenirs.
Took a cab back to airport - bangalore- then home. Salem~!!

1. the dogs are like goats. I wonder what they feed them.
2. A lot of branded breed running around - German Shephard, Terrier , shih tzu.
3. A HUGE german shephard named LUCKY knows how to play soccer. ~! TRUE STORY.
4. Lots of topless bikini girls roaming around.
5. They speak russian there.