Monday, August 31, 2009

Cameron Trip with My 5s2 Pals~ 29-08 ---31-08

29-08-2009 Saturdayyy ~
@ 10 am met eng hui and john @ Kepong KTM
then meet yong kang @ Segambut KTM
then meet seong lynn and Ken Ling @ pudu raya food court.
Then leh~ We got into a stupid and lousy bus.....
The driver says that there are no aircond before he refills the petrol~
Shit la~ And malaysia image gone dee la~
Where got people working in tourism field can simply scold tourist de~
Summore ask people get down from the car~
Worst thing comes behind~ at the last day~
Then off we go to cameron~
Alittle bit dangerous la the way the driver drive.....
A knock @ behind on a stone make everyone sleeping in the car wake up at once.....
Scary betul~~~ I still wanna be a dentist de arr~ haha
But luckily we still manage to reach safely after 5 hrs.
After getting our apartment key then we arrange our things.....
Had lunch @ mamak ... walaoweh their salt no need money de~
Then got a taxi went to Brinchang pasar malam.....
Survey all the thing we wanted to buy first~ But its raining neh~
Bought something for next meal --- breakfast + supper
After that we went back to the apartment with taxi....
We went into a taxi which the driver is a little bit sot liao....
Always " a moi ah moi" if not then " cakap abu, abu, semua orang kenal"...
He jus drive@ about 20km/h ..... people flash him he oso dun haf rasa one~ wat the hell~??
But then reach oso la~ haiz~ ><
Reached and had bath~ There are mouse squeeking sound dunno come out from where~><
After tat start to GAMBLE ~ walalalala~
Went out to Starbucks and ken ling hurt his toes.....
Had a cup of tall hazelnut hot chocolate.... nice nice nice....
Bek to apartment and celebrated eng hong's bday..... with a muffin and white candle
Then we started to talk..... Talk till 4am seong liyn john and hui went to sleep.
Then me yong kang and ken ling continue until about 5 am .
Slept until 5.50am the snoring of ken ling wake me and seong liyn up.......
Keng gai till about 7 something oni fall asleep again.

30-08-2009 Sunday~~
Everyody woke up @ about 12 pm , damn geng la.... hahaha
Then after we get ready we went to Nyonya house for steamboat whick seong liyn waited for a long time.
Had 3 place of steamboat and 2 place of strawberry fried rice...
The fried rice was nice but it doesnt suit strawberries.....><
After that we waled from Tanah Rata a long long way up to Brinchang.
On the way we went to 2 strawberries farm and passed by the tentera darat kem and also golf court.
After about 2 hrs walking , we finally reached Brinchang and enjoyed teatime @ great taste, a bakery with lots of tarts and muffins.Then we went to OK tuck, steamboat again and had our dinner.
The 4 guys went into a nike retail shop and grab 4 bear tshirts , wore immediately...><
Went to pasar malam again and bought everything we wanted to buy.
The jagung and guava is so nice... Y last time i go din eat dao dee?
Summore bought 6 little crocs key chain... Everyone got one^^
Haha~ Then we waited for taxi for an hr..... In the mean time playing " 熱熱蕃薯邊個吃“to finish all the food we bought....^^
Happy betul~
Gambling time again^^ But at last the hot chocolate which seong liyn promise me of he win money fly away liao~ haha
Ken ling win so much neh~ Din belanja me oso~
Then ken ling started with his speech preparation, talked a little bit and went to sleep becoz really very tired dee....
Din even hear ken ling's snoring sound.... Even that he had used the safe and sound or sthing....
John and eng hui says its still very loud, but me seong liyn and eng hong din even hear dao..... haha

31-08-2009 Monday
Firstly : MERDEKA
woke up at about 10.30 am , prepared and waited for everyone then we went to check out.
Had lunch @ may flower , had bak kut teh and also some dishes.
Then we headed to Starbucks, continue gambling pulak. This time play cho dai dee....
About 4.30 we went up the same bus with the stupid same bus driver.
Walaoweh, he drive like initial D wei, no nid to brake when he go through corners dee.....
We spent about 6 hrs to reach pudu even that the journey of going down shud be shorter.
Coz, the stupid bus driver wanna stop by the station to buka puasa.
Wat the hell is thisss?????!!!!!! Summore scold some tourist who was just asking y are we stopping by.
Shit la, where is his culture? Malaysia Image....... ><
reache pudu about 10 pm i think. Then john's parents bring us bek to john's house .
then we went to KFC and bought something to celebrate Ken ling's bday~
After tat we all went bek home at about 1 am in the morning.
Din bath then terus sleep liao~

This trip is so much fun ...... Even though we din manage to go a lot of places and visit a lot of farms.
But this trip is so memorable, i think it really would be the last chance for us to gather like this.
I'm flying soon, John will be flying to aus soon too.... Ken ling and eng hong, going america, eng hui going to scotland too....
By the time i came back from india, everyone will be @ overseas.
Really appreciate this trip alot, love u guys so much~ ^^

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Me Me Me!!! Recently

making mask... wahaha XD so ugly 
MeMe with a blouse tat yellow buy 4 me 
several yrs ago

Random Post! ---- Bad Luck

Aiyoyoyoyo~ This few days very black leh~
Like i hutang the whole world like that~ Haiz~
Especially 小强..... Did i do something to you recently????!!!
I long time din ask people kill u edi wor~ Still like this treat me~
Make me cannot go bek my room sleep for so many dayzzz~~~ T.T
The story starts like this ~
Firstly, i saw a small cockroach sticking on my curtain.... Then i ask my brother to catch it...
But the stupid boy din even manage to get it! So nvmd lor~ Its small~ So i still can accept~
But then.... Dunno y leh~ The stupid brother spray ridsect or something in my room...
Starting it was ok... Then dunno how ar~ A big one came outtttt!!!! @.@
I slept in the room for 5 yrs and yet nv see any 小强.... Even when we clean the room oso din see before..... But yesterday~ SobSob!! There was 2!! and summore kill oso won die one~ T.T
Then i ended up sleeping in my brothers room.
Another thing is.... The 屎坑in my shop dunno sumbat liaoooo~
Then summore the indah water no cannot be called de~
If tmr there are full of cockroaches in my shop i'll kill the indah water people~!!!!!!!!!!!!
But if there is... I think i'll js take mc la~ and close shop for one day~ T.T

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Randomness on a lovely SundaYYY ~

Today suppose that i have to go Lowyat and Midvalley deee~
But since everyone ffk me then i stay at home lo.....
And since a person who says that he sayang me so much then he'll help me buy all my computer stuff @ lowyat. Dunno whether he will give me as present???
( Dun think bout it, he still owe me 5 lazy pandas for my bday for the past 5 yrs)XD
Now oni left laptop bag and some formal clothes lor~ ^^
My boss aka Dajie went to HongKong~ Wheez... waiting for presents la me~ wahaha =)
Yesterday about 2 am i think.... recif call from my dearest hubby,
and guest wat... Police officers WITHOUT a official warrant went to his house and start checking.
Said that someone reported that there are drugs in their house....
But can somebody tell me, even with a namecard or ID or something.
Can they simply jus go into people's house WITHOUT a warrant?
This is a big big big problem wei~
Hope tat someone or some pihak will take action to things like this....
If not everyone oso no nid to sleep at night edi....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

All the stuffs came in a single time~

Haiz~ This afternoon is sooooo bz for me!!!!!!!!
Jus now a group of auntis came in and tried clothes but the one who tried the most ended up jus buying a leggings~ Luckily her fren ended buying some stuff~~~
Summore a stupid auntie came in and ask this ask that when i'm so bz with the two aunties there~ so i became 两头忙~~~T.T
Really in a bad mood deee de~ But still have to smile~~~ ---- Being a professional promoter!
Then the credit card thingy came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Changed the sticker or something ~
I'm not trying to be angry to him la~ but he really came in by the wrong time~~~~~
So~ Sorry to SC that i'm really in an anger mode~

Monday, August 17, 2009


He doesnt noes what is his mistakes and keep on saying sorry...
Is that wat i want?
Wakeup buddy!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

2008 Taylors SAM E2 Gathering 16-08-2009

SAM E2 Gathering
Full House @ NuiZe Sui
Participated ---
Jaimie aka buffalo, Wei Hoong aka Mousie,Chin Yang aka Chicken but currently upgraded to Turkey, Adeline aka Hippo, Vivien aka Donkey... another donkey din appears, Phei Wyin aka penguin, Sam aka Mangkuk, Tze Ping aka Horse and a gong, GG aka mule, Tom aka Cat Hantu Tarzan and everything else la..., James aka James jus let him be the zoo keeper la.
So.... The 10 animals went in the restaurant and had fun.

GG taking this photo.. by a dunno wat angle.

GG camwhoring wei.....

The 4 gals who attended
From left : Vivi, Jaimie, Adeline, Phei Wyin

My senior ----- Leng zai James came bek from India for holiday.

Roasted Chicken ---- Chin Yang is roasted!!!

I think its fish... hahaha.... set lunch 2

Forest Mushroom Soup.. Taste a little bit like grains...


E2 2008 Gathering 2009

Did he ever changed??????
After our lunch , went to someones house and kena snipe.
Dun wan to talk to him liao....
Everytime oso like tat still say me small gas...
Then jus make it easy for u, i am small gas enough though.
So, jus continue la.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jaimie Dun think too much....

Arghh~ False myself not to think so muchie loorrr....
Decided to put down everything....
相信能聚在一起, 不管做任何事都是幸福的~
加油! Gambateh!!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Its really hard to plan gathering..... T.T

Walaoweh..... Always like this de loooo....
Plan gathering is really hard....
But nvmd la... this time can get 10 people from e2 out of 28....
Booked a place @ full house this sunday....
The tom ... stupid cat still a chi a chor.... ask me change place....
Say gathering @ mc donalds oso can....
Wahlao... wanna belasah him!!!!

Blogging Blast~

Suddenly realise that so long i din update my blog liao~~~~~
Nthing special happens though....
Erm...... Last Sunday went Klang.....
Had hair cut @Bukit Raja Jusco de APT.....
Cut all the spoiled hair.....coz really cannot tahan liao
Then the hairdresser always say my hair not healthy.... ><
But at last i din buy their hair product oso....
- Me with New Haircut -
2ndly..... i found myself gaining weight like hell.....
From 60 kg to 64 kg..... walaoweh... js 2 weeks time neh....
But nvmd la.... manage to drop till 61.0 in 3 dayz time... wahahahaha.....
now reallly eat little thing leh......
T.T My target.... 55 kg.... enuf
Tat day went to klang's dunno where de Proton car agency....
Coz a yi say wanna see proton ezora....
At last Kelvin ended up sitting in the driver seat of a new proton persona.....

- Alex and Kelvin -
I finished one small piece of work the other day and now starting on a big project...
Pillow case..... ^^

- Threads -

- Fabric Rack -

Seeee.... All my ga chang....

- Designs of the pillow case -

5 % completed

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Counting Down

19 days to play dayz

50++ dayz to leave

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Me + PeiLing mei mei
She seems to grow up alot.

Grandma blowing candles.. a bit blurr...

Me + Aunt Lian

The coffee shop in Muar... 434

See this table, all the things we ate...
Me alex grandma and jin yu

Me + A boy
wear specs liao....
A yi ask me to take picture one....


Me and alex~ ^^

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back To Melacca 3 dayz 2 nitez

31-07-2009 Friday
Reached aunts house in Subang USJ 9 @ 7.00am.
Walk around, surf net, had breakfast @ business centre de mamak.
The maggi goreng is damnnnnnn spicy~ coz i call him tambah pedas~ ><
Went back to aunt house ,
met Aunt Christine,--- Mom of one of Lavoce choir member Mon wei.
What a small world.
Waited for Alex to reach, @about 11.30am
waited for Aunt sien , had lunch in Sumo -- a japanese restaurant.
went to aunt sien's house and pack.
Fetch the kids and went back to Melacca.
Reached Melacca @ about 5.30pm
Went to pasar malam.
Kids are like " sua gu" nv go pasar malam before.
Hao hao langgar tiang , jin yu fell down . ><
Peiling went with his granpa with motorcycle while we have to walk....
Reached home and had dinner.

01-08-2009 Saturday
Woke up early in the morning,
Started to clean the house.
Sweep and mopped the floor.
Help in the kitchen.
I cooked my first soup in my life... hhahaha
Egg soup.
had lunch, and alex manage to finish 4 dishes and 1 soup.
Geng yao... But must ask him keep fit liao...
Cannot eat like this.
Went to aunt siens house in melacca and started to surf net.
Till 6.00pm went home and had bath and went to the restaurant.
Had dinner as well as granma's bday celebration.
Went home @ 11.30pm.
Jinyu slept with us.
Naughty boy betul~

02-08-2009 Sunday
Went to Muar for breakfast.
Again, alex ate 3 nasi lemak, 2 half boiled egg, a bun and a cup of coffee.
Went to Rong chen to buy some biscuits and cakes.
went to buy otak otak @ a random stall.
went back and had lunch.
packed and went home.
went to alex house.
Kelvin seems better, he got many things to eat. so happy.
Hahaha.... a yi say he chickopeh~ dun wan sleep... haha
went home @ 10.30pm . slept.... tired~~~~