Wednesday, August 19, 2009

All the stuffs came in a single time~

Haiz~ This afternoon is sooooo bz for me!!!!!!!!
Jus now a group of auntis came in and tried clothes but the one who tried the most ended up jus buying a leggings~ Luckily her fren ended buying some stuff~~~
Summore a stupid auntie came in and ask this ask that when i'm so bz with the two aunties there~ so i became 两头忙~~~T.T
Really in a bad mood deee de~ But still have to smile~~~ ---- Being a professional promoter!
Then the credit card thingy came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Changed the sticker or something ~
I'm not trying to be angry to him la~ but he really came in by the wrong time~~~~~
So~ Sorry to SC that i'm really in an anger mode~

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