Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Random Post! ---- Bad Luck

Aiyoyoyoyo~ This few days very black leh~
Like i hutang the whole world like that~ Haiz~
Especially 小强..... Did i do something to you recently????!!!
I long time din ask people kill u edi wor~ Still like this treat me~
Make me cannot go bek my room sleep for so many dayzzz~~~ T.T
The story starts like this ~
Firstly, i saw a small cockroach sticking on my curtain.... Then i ask my brother to catch it...
But the stupid boy din even manage to get it! So nvmd lor~ Its small~ So i still can accept~
But then.... Dunno y leh~ The stupid brother spray ridsect or something in my room...
Starting it was ok... Then dunno how ar~ A big one came outtttt!!!! @.@
I slept in the room for 5 yrs and yet nv see any 小强.... Even when we clean the room oso din see before..... But yesterday~ SobSob!! There was 2!! and summore kill oso won die one~ T.T
Then i ended up sleeping in my brothers room.
Another thing is.... The 屎坑in my shop dunno sumbat liaoooo~
Then summore the indah water no cannot be called de~
If tmr there are full of cockroaches in my shop i'll kill the indah water people~!!!!!!!!!!!!
But if there is... I think i'll js take mc la~ and close shop for one day~ T.T

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