Sunday, August 23, 2009

Randomness on a lovely SundaYYY ~

Today suppose that i have to go Lowyat and Midvalley deee~
But since everyone ffk me then i stay at home lo.....
And since a person who says that he sayang me so much then he'll help me buy all my computer stuff @ lowyat. Dunno whether he will give me as present???
( Dun think bout it, he still owe me 5 lazy pandas for my bday for the past 5 yrs)XD
Now oni left laptop bag and some formal clothes lor~ ^^
My boss aka Dajie went to HongKong~ Wheez... waiting for presents la me~ wahaha =)
Yesterday about 2 am i think.... recif call from my dearest hubby,
and guest wat... Police officers WITHOUT a official warrant went to his house and start checking.
Said that someone reported that there are drugs in their house....
But can somebody tell me, even with a namecard or ID or something.
Can they simply jus go into people's house WITHOUT a warrant?
This is a big big big problem wei~
Hope tat someone or some pihak will take action to things like this....
If not everyone oso no nid to sleep at night edi....

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