Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Chinese Valentines Day and Chap Goh Meh~ ^^

Last day of cny, My cny this year is jus like ordinary dayz.
Classes, Projects, Exams. I miss home.
Woke up this morning by mama poppy and her babies.
She bring them back to the so call " cave" again.
Nvmd... later oni ask a boy to gao dim ....
But its still so early. Woke up at 7 and sleep bek.
I had a nice dream. Not really wiling to wake up actually. =P
Guess we r too tired yesterday, lie on the bed and doze off.
Steamboat was fun. Although the game session is cancelled.
Still manage to have a nice celebration for zap goh meh. ^^
And oh ya. Congratz to the seniors who has passed their exams.
Lastly . Again .
Happy Chinese Valentines Day and Chap Goh Meh.
Hope u all have a nice one.

#Its really warm until you leave.#

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm Lost.

Bring me back to the original position.
Where i can set my heart free.
Can you?

I'm still ALIVE

Really wonder my frens and family in malaysia still rmb me o not...
I've disappeared for almost 4 months....
I was so tired this few dayz,
starting with the assignment, exams.( there's a story) , ODS impressions.
About the exam.
ARGH...... kinda feel like killing people.
and my eyes are swollen, thanks to shane tham.
He accidentally " exposed " his bird coz he tore his pants.
So....... its swollen. So pity la my eyes. T.T

Off to jog.
Heart is a place where the soul rest.
Where is mine?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Stuffy monday evening.

Its so hot outsideeeeee.......
Air conditioner is a great invention. I'm now sitting in my room with the max ac.
Hu.... Its like an oven outside. Cant imagine how summer is going to be.
Yesterday slept quite late coz there was a gambling session in my room.
And i think i got win gua.... haha....
Cooked bak kut teh and again. We lou sangggg.... =D
Slept at 2 am and it feel so shitty to wake up this morning.
But make it and went to class. Boring day as usual .
Rita ma took another 15 minutes of interaction session after class which makes me coming home late. ><

***** Secret Secret Secret*****
I would have told you.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 149 in India. I'm Blurred.

Day 149 - i'm here in india for 21 weeks and 2 dayz.
I'm blurred of everything.
Jus tat Dr Isaac finally explained to us wat is blacks classification of cavity.
My head's going to burst.
Shud i go for it? Or i shall wait?
Hmmmmmm.... deep considerations.
It may be a good choice.
Seems that the 5th batch seniors has finished their exams today.
And most of them are leaving end of this month.
This indicates that we have to move out to senior hostel soon.
Hmmm.... Who's gonna b my roommate? i think roshiny promoted me to kamini, who is my future roommate according to the list.
But its still under consideration.
Blurred Blurred Blurred.
Headache Headache Headache.

Chiaoz Chiaoz. Need some sleep.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

♥♥ The First Single Valentines Day ♥♥

It has been so long since i celebrated valentines as a single .
Before Alex Ng, Its Alex Lio who celebrated with me~ Haha
Now i found out 2 of my exs are ALEX.
Anyway, this year was a special year for me,
away from home, away from the warmth.
Hmm... But celebrating Valentines as a single may be a good thing too.
Although i din recieve any flowers, presents, but still, i had a happy one.
* I DID recieve flower but its not mine. Haha... And tat was an awful joke my lovely batchmates played on me.
Way to yercauld to celebrate. Me and evania had a romantic time sitting behind the boat. A ma and Yiwen had a great time paddling the boat. Haha.
Had a nice dinner, and cocktail - Tropical Madness.
The waiter actually remembered me. Wth...
And now me and lok ann being the " popular " one among Indians. Lol

Chiaoz. I miss them. And. I miss Him too.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

♥♥–Pictures– ♥♥

♥♥–Pictures– ♥♥
♥♥–CNY Preparation– ♥♥

Date : 13-02-10
Venue : PIDC Junior Quaters Block 3
Activity : Cooking, decorating cai shen, rehearsal for performance.

♥♥–CNY Celebration– ♥♥

Yow Hee Attacked by "咸猪手"
Lok Ann slumber shj.
Jaimie attacked by ----- Beans.

Transformation of Chai Shen.
Dark-skinned god of fortune.
The Love Board.

Lovely Couple

♥♥–Jessel -- Vivien– ♥♥

♥♥–Li Herng --- Dorothy– ♥♥

Hahaha.... God of poverty.

♥♥–Yercauld Trip– ♥♥
Ever seen such a big cotton candy?
Its jus 20 ruppees~

Jagung Jagung.

Pigeon Chest Everyone ~!

Slumber punya A nia.
Having a nice sun bath.

Yiwen : Omg omg omg the boat is going to knocked into us.
Happy Yiwen.

Evania : Eh, u two cannot b synchronise a bit one hor.
See people so relax u two so gan chiong.
Slower a bit ar... okok ... turn left turn left.

Boat Paddling , Lake .

Its New Year in INDIA~ !

I noe its a bit late but sorry guys.
No blogging mood these few dayz.
Hmmm... I had a special Chinese New Year eve here in India.
Went to Senior Hostel to celebrate.
Help a little bit in preparing the mixed vegetable.
The food is nice. Thanks to the seniors and the vmu seniors.
Had performance and added some creativity + hardwork to decorate a " dark-skinned" god of fortune.
Shock huh.
Pictures are available @ Facebook.
Hmmm... After tat was Yercauld trip.
10 of us , excluding yow hee, shane, kuan hui hu played game till 8am in the morning. AND Dorothy who is bz celebrating her great valentines day with her darling.
Went to boat paddling. Walk around. Pagoda Point.Grand Palace.Cloud 9.
Photos are also available @ Facebook.

The sad part to celebrate cny abroad is.... NO HOLIDAY.
2nd day need to go skool. ZzZzz T.T
Anyway, wish all my family and frens HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR.
have a prosperous year. ~^^

Thursday, February 11, 2010

There's no other term for it.

After internals, i tot i can relax for jus a moment
but the following exams is telling me that my dream would not come true~
Haiz.. Sobsob.. ==
Having Anatomy exam on Glossalpharyngeal Nerve and yet i have no idea wat is it.
Having Biochemistry exam on minerals metabolism and heme.
Haven even started. Very good Jaimie. Keep it on and you'll fail with flying colours.
Burning midnite oil today i guess.
Hmm... CNY coming so is Valentines. Guess my lovely gang will celebrate with me tis year.
Soya yiwen. Dun ask me shut up coz u r going to celebrate with me. Wahaha....

*Today shrimp actually went to class. Haha*
# Lonely Nite #

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It really hurts. I know.

For the last time, i called him yesterday.
I actually fed up and tell him if he like it so much.
Just change the status in facebook and we'll b together again.
After 2 mins. I regretted. I cant do that.
Without a heart. I'm No one.
Hardly smiled today. Everyone came to ask wat happened.
Depressed and Down. Ya, u're right.
Glad to see his status today.
Ya. You will survive without me.
Leading a life which is much more better than wat you lead now.
All the best. My-ex love.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Depressed. Failure. Sad.

wat a way to start a week huh.
talked to John yesterday. Maybe he's right.
Sometimes, we need to grow up. Spread our visual.
Try to make friends.
Hmm.... really missed the time we had together.
Sooner or later, everyone will b different corner of the earth. UK.US.AUS.IND.S'PORE.SCOTLAND.
When can we meet again ? When can we gather to do some crazy stuff again?
2 yrs later, 5 urs later or 10 yrs?

函,跟你在一起是一种福气。I'm with you is not because of who you are but because of who I'm when i with you.。和你在一起,我可以做回我自己,没有压力,很舒服,这样才是最开心的。我想把这种感觉永远持续下去。。可以吗?爱一个人是要付出的。。他需要做出多大的努力才能维持下去。。这是不容易的。
I noe what u mean. Jy. I knew its hard for you to put down everything. I'm really such a coward to face you. I cant b myself when i'm with you. I'll hurt you and i did tat. I think u'll need sometime to calm down. Think over again wats ur aim and goal of your life. And totally get me out of your life. I noe this is cruel. But sorry.

Its kinda stressed. After internals, dozens of class test coming .
Need some space.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

It was 4.18am in the morning

Came bek from Bangalore this morning, tired but no mood to sleep at all...
Hmm.... It shud b a happy trip but maybe its due to the " unsuitable dressing" of mine which attracts all the " attention " from guys in bangalore makes me a bit annoying.
Anyway, its still a nice shopping trip for cny stuff though.
Bought 2 polo T from Miss Hill again( now i have 4 of them in diff colours )
Bought 1 shorts from Wearhouse but i think i gain weight so plus size~!
Bought the blouse from Levis for 50% , regretted of not buying jeans from there.... CHEAP leh... Sobsob...
I felt that i've lost control ~ Can even control my mood swings nowadayz. Omg...
I do really think of all the things u've told me but .... the ans is still a NO...
I miss my family, I miss those who are always there for me, I miss them, I miss Him....
I think its time for me to sleep... Chaoz..

Friday, February 5, 2010