Sunday, August 29, 2010

Relaxing. Relieving.


Somehow it was a relieve after passing all the subjects.Isnt it.
No more coffees and no more midnight oil.
Hey Guys, Guess this is the first picture of my permed hair... wahaha...
Comment pls?

Help my cousin wayne with his bday steamboat party.
after tat was a movie with my ladies .
Grown ups, a great comedy though.

Had korean food.
Its not really great.
Mom's spicy seafood soup rice.
Look spicy but its not.
My spicy roasted chicken.
Rice cake, tasted like hmm.... chee cheong fun. haha
Awwwww.... This is the pomeranian in the pet shop...
so cutee...
# today things doesnt turn up#
# i'm upset#
# Worried#

Friday, August 27, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekly update.

I'm just so lazy to update. haha.
Its been a week.
Jus came back from melacca with my dearly frens but we hardly take photos.
Due to camera-less and laziness. ha.
I know its so boring if i keep on writing my trip as a journal.
So i keep it short.
Went there with hee hee(driver), sachin, shane, yiwen and a nia.
Aeroplane people : a ma and vivi.. Both sick. ==
Reached melacca city in 1 hr from kl... hehe...
eat around. Really jus eat~!!
Then 2 movies in 2 days.
" The expandable" and " SALT"

By Angelina Jolie.
Quite an interesting movie but a little bit confusing.
Most of the guys slept in the cinema so maybe its boring for them.
But... Angelina Jolie is so hottttt.....

by Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li, Jason Statham,Terry Crew.
Sylvester Stallone's biceps are so so so so fucking scary.
And this movie is jus a big project with big scenes of explodes and machine guns.
No plot. haha.
Waiting to watch inception. sumone watched it w/o me.

I permed my hair.
Shane says i look like auntie and hee hee say i look like taylor swift.
So... Its human's ability to choose to belif the 2nd one rite? =p
But i thinkit shud b ok la... not really ugly. acceptable. haha

This month is GHOST FESTIVAL.
so... suppose tat lok ann following us to melacca but she say her mom don let her out.
then got bomb by all of us. haha.
This few dayz bzing preparing for the prayers.
Yesterday pray @ roadside.
Today prayed the ancestors.
and a birdie following us all the way, strange. haha...

I called it Mr.Ugly, but my mom sumhow call it oreos.
Thanks for summone's suggestion.
Hes so sos o ugly.... T.T
Dunno y my uncle will buy it. and now its in my house~!!
My lady is 100%cuter. ><

# I wish you're here#
# Sitting beside me #
# Holding me in your arms #
# Miss you #

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm Bek~!

Hey fellows... I'm finally back in Malaysia again.
Officially ended my first year at the moment i step on my motherland.
How fast time passes?
Its just like yesterday when i first came home in march.
Phew. Many things happened within a year~
There's happy things, there's sad things.
But its not important anymore.
Its good to be home, although my doggie barked at me like hell.haha..
She obviously dun remember me... t.t
My hand's swollen. Insect bite i think.
Now its so damn hard to type on the keyboard.
Hmm... Watever.
Sleepy... gtg... bye