Sunday, December 19, 2010


If you're following me on facebook you'll know that i'm not in a good mood for this past 2 weeks. It Jus attacked me like a huge wave.
But luckily I have a huge log saving me from drowning.
How to define a relationship.
Friends? After I enter uni , I realise that there're diff ways in classifying a friendship.
And which I don think it really exist. But now I started to feel unsecure. Can anybody ensure me that i'm thinking too much? Maybe so. I know myself pretty well. I've put in effort to change but it seems that I'm still me. And how stupid am I that by now only I realise I don have to make anyone like me . If they understand me they would have accepted me for who I am.maybe I'm Jus an attention freak for them anyway.Maybe ken's right. Something he said Jus enlighten me.... I miss you buddy.
I hope things work out.
It's really have been a tough week for me.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Last week of class!

One and a half week from now I'll be having my christmas break! Yippie! I know i'm not suppose to be so happy right now when I am still having prosthodontics practicals tomoro...yaiks... But still! I'm already in holiday mood man...... Cant resist that... Looking forward to mumbai trip! Would take a lot of pictures! Whee!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Santa claus is coming to town...!

December! Last month of the year!
How fast time passed? Its Jus a blink since I celebrated christmas in india last year....
So happy that christmas is here again...Although now i'm struggling with internals .... T.T pathology makes me crazy... My brain stop working when I study the chapter sterilisation for microbiology.... Aikz..... That show how boring 2nd year subjects are... But still.... I need to study!
Have been moody for few days.... Have no idea why... But still! I'm excited for my christmas holiday trip... Going to spend my christmas in numbai this year....
Weather in salem is so cold.... Its so nice to sleep but yet i'm having insomnia.... Maybe sometimes I take things too seriously.... Its tired to be who you are not suppose to be.... When could I be honest to myself as well as to anyone else.... Hope the day come soon..... Good night world.....
#lucky i'm in love with my best fren lucky to be where I've been lucky to be coming home again....#