Monday, September 13, 2010

Last day of my holiday in Malaysia.

WohOoo.... Time FLIES.
One month holiday is over...~!!
Omg Omg... I'm officially a 2nd year student~~
Cheers practice and PIDC cup is waiting for us there~
Although its kinda sien going bek... ==
And.... PIDC is jus earning money like hell.
They are fining us for even public holidays, 2nd saturday and also sunday.
total 1500 there. wtf. wtf wtf...
haiz.... going bek... == -- ==
Going yam cha with fellow secondary skool frens later~~~! yeah~!
Bye blog.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


He just doesnt care. Does he?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gathering after yearssss...

Cats and Dogs 2 - The revenge of kitty galore.
Not bad la. better than piranha though.

Midvalley with my dears.
Ate at madam kwans, the fried rice is so damn oily.
Dinner with KoKokrunch err.. forgot the name...
KaiHengs bf... @ kuchai lama.
Not bad la the food.
Camwhore all the time~

Me n Xian
Me n Heng

Oh.. i really love this pic...

Me n Joshua

Heng's leaving a day after me.
Good Luck my dear~!! Take care.
Will always love you~!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Another week had passed.
Departure date is just around the corner.
Start packing.
Hari Raya is just 2 more dayz.

Last week.
Went movie with my ladies again.
Bloody scenes....
Not memorable though.
U can guess the whole storyline by reading the title.
Piranha = Fish that bites.
After that was a charity dinner.
Nothing special. Again we see the uncle who volunteer to host the dinner.
His laugh is so annoying.

Went to the immigration yesterday afternoon.
No more numbers. wtf.
Ikea with my ladies again.
Bought a table lamp for danielle tan.... muackz.
Went station 1 for dinner.

Went Immigration again today morning .
Reached@ 10.00am and served @ 2.30pm.
Its so frustrating looking at how they work.
and i never get my passport yet.
Tmr morning the same thing would happen again. shit.