Sunday, June 28, 2009

- 27/28-06-09 ----> Sungkai + Cameron Highland trip -

Friday night, went to dear's house to overnight,
the reason is, i dun haf to wake up so early the next day.
he came to fetch me @ 10 pm and we go carefour to buy things.
Yet...Sat, I still have to wake up @ 7 am in the morning,
Get ready for everthing, and waited for Sc to come fetch us...
Then someone overslept.. haha... so we started our journey @ 8.30 am.
Fetch ang, then straight away headed to sungkai, had breakfast there.
Nasi lemak + milo ais, its oni RM 2.20 ... so cheap.
Headed to the next destination , Felda Hot spring.
The spring is really hot leh.
At first we went to ewndam our legs in the 40 degree celcius water,
but it seems too hot.
Went into the warm water and have a nice warm bath. <---off course without shampoo la...
Took photo in the end of trip and then went to have our lunch.
After lunch straight away head to cameron highlands.
Chee ching is like a city boy that nv seen kampung before... hahaha....
Raining when we reach.
Went to the apartment and had a nap.
Meet Jasmine and her boyfren.
Went to steamboat for dinner. Really many vegetables.
Went to pasar malam, Cc bought 25 jagungs , 4kg of small sewwt potatoes.
Dear bought about 14 jagungs, strawberries, vegetables, and others la...
We stil eat ice cream there... haha...
The rose straberry flavour was so nice, of course my strawberry cheese also very nice la...
A ma smses me and ask me genting fun o not... haha....
Cannot blame her la.. coz she old dee.... donkey ma cannot remember so many things....
As she said, i'm in genting, so no strawberry for her..... hahaha...
Went for a night walk as nthing to do .
Slept @ 12 am. First time go out and sleep so early ><
Woke up by the stupid mosque, 5.30am in the morning, and we hear it clear and sound.
Continue slep till 8.00 am. Then went to have breakfast.
The breakfast sucks and the waiters don even noe wat is service.
Packed and leave the apartment.
Went to BOH tea and Bee farm.
Had luch and headed bek to kl.
Reached home @ 4.30 pm.
Tats the end of the trip~
Thanks for Sc for organizing this trip ~ ^^
And take care for civy who's going back to Labuan on 4 th july.
The next time i see her will be next year or even next next year.. haha..

-Ethan Turnes FIVE !-

Lets start from... Mmm... 11.30 am in the morning ,
when i was playing games or either watching movie,
dajie called me up and told me that there is a birthday party for den den.
The poor thing got sick these few days.
Then ok lo... and the birthday cake was sent to my shop.
About 6.30pm like tat danielle came to the shop and play with the cosmetics.
We actually have to pick up cleddie from tuition class as his mother nealy forgotten bout him. haha...
Then we headed to Sri Damansara Mc Donald.
When we reached there, its almost time for games .
Me , gal , danielle , mei went in to play with the kids.... haha
Nvmd la.. still young wat.
Birthday boy recieved many presents wei....
Afterward kacau him see whether he want to share with me o not... hehehe....
About 11.00 pm, mei sent me home , brouhgt back 4 happy meals for the three boys that din manage to get there...

Monday, June 22, 2009











阿賴,永康,健靈,john, 盈蕙,淑樺,政首,家雍,這群活寶真的為我們班上添了許多歡樂。在別人眼中,也許會覺得我們三八,不過這就是我們的溝通方式。所謂的黑人,sok kia, 宿舍kia,大頭kia ,潛水kia,哈哈,想起真的覺得很快樂。還有一班非常可愛的老師!!

今天早上,回到中華, 在舉辦為了迎合九十週年校慶的學術學藝展。在這裡,我真的深深的感受到-再次相遇的美好-                    





Thursday, June 18, 2009

- 無價的回憶 -

突然詩薇說ai fm 在播當年
吧生福建會館兒童合唱團的專輯 ---( 同年的呼喚 ) 
記得這些歌曲是在“夢飛翔” 演唱會里表演的。

Monday, June 15, 2009

- Entrance Exam -

Continue with the last post... 
About the refund thingy.... 
Errrr..... Today is the entrance exam for University of Padjajaran
Haiz.. The first exam was Appitude... means practical. 
I accidentally , really accidentally broke the wax. 
The second one was theory... 
I " gave up" eventually..... Haiz.... Can do de mar do lo.... 
557 questions for the MMPI, manage to finished them in 1 hr..... hahahahahahaha.... 
But hor.... 
the regulation of this exam is really really weird. 
Exam time can be extended de leh... Y leh huh? 
For appitude test we suppose to just have an hrs time to finish. 
Bt we have 45 mins extra????!!!!! 
MMPI test, written on the board that its 2 hr... 
Weird wei....
But the examinor said tat its only 1 hr....????

Sunday, June 14, 2009

-Does it make sense?-

Haiz... Does it make sense? 
If i want to turn down the offer for Uni padjajaran ... 
I have to pay another 700 .... means they oni refund me 2300...
If i get rejected , they will refund me 3000... 
How leh.... The answer will be? 
Tomoro exam? 

- At last ! -

At last!!!! I got a place in PIDC --- which means i had to go twinning .... 
2 Yrs in Salem India --- Vinakaya University. 
3 yrs in Penang International Dental College. 
I dun wan to change my choice anymore... 
Its kinda annoying..... So... Wish Me Luck!!! 
Gonna go entrance exam for University of Padjajaran , Indonesia tommoro... 
and will like to give up... coz the exam is wayyyyy too hard.... hehe... 
Tats y i'm still sitting here blogging. haha...
Going bek to Chong Hwa on Tuesday ....  

Saturday, June 13, 2009

-FullHouse Nui Ze Sui-

- Full House Menu --> Creative design with comics attached -
-FullHouse Inner Decorations ---> Commonly in white -

-Fullhouse Raisin Black Pepper Chicken Chop ----> Love it! The mashed potato is very nice-
-Minnie Statue outside-
-Buzz light Year-

- KzForum Gathering @ Full House - Nui Ze Sui -

12-06-09 Friday 
After Gao Dim all my things @ 5 pm ... 
Seok Chern came to fetch me @ my house with dear & Civy. 
Kz Forum having gathering for 5th year anniversary.... --- I jus noe when i got there.... ><
We reached there about 7.30 om and went around Niu Ze Shui... 
Our venue was -FULL HOUSE - A great lifestyle cafe though. 
It was decorated all in white, having a small boutique upstairs. 
Along nui ze sui, FullHouse was considered the most attractive part. 
Had a brunch, the raisin black pepper chicken chop there is so nice ... yummy~ 
Ok,, jus taked about who came .... 
1. Seok Chern ---- Sc 
2. Civy ---- Civy
3. Alex ---- zeo1 
4. Me ----函
5. Gabriel 
6. GenXgal 
7. Terrance ---- Kor Kor & his gf
8. Ang Chee Ching ---- Silverwind
9. Dunno mat sui... Forgot his name, sc's fren. 

Get to noe the managing director of full house, since he is sc fren oso.... 
Then me and civy too sien , went to take photos with sc's camera.... 
After that about 10.30pm went down to klang, have bak kut teh.... ><
Finished @ about 1.30 am, kor kor they all went bek to melacca. 
Dear sent me home. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

- 04-06-09 ---> 06-06-09 Penang and Pulau Payar Trip -

04-06-09  ----->  06-06-09 Thursday ----> Saturday 
----------PENANG + PULAU PAYAR TRIP ---------

04-06-09 Thursday 
In the afternoon after shopping with yong lin in selayang mall, 
A mei came to fetch me @ my house @ 3.30pm 
Reached a gal's house @ 3.45 pm ... 
waited them to prepare and we actually started our journey @ 6.00pm
Reached IPOH @ about 9.00pm and we ate " Yi Poh Gai Si Hor Fun " .
After that we continued our journey to penang . 
Reached Penang de apartment --- Golden View Apartment @ 11.30 pm.... So late liao.. 
Uncle they all go eat supper @ Batu Ferringi there. 
Me gal and may jus slept~ 

05-06-09 Friday 
Happy Birthday to Baby!!! Ng Jiun Yen turned 21 years old~ Old liao looooo 
Cant really sleep the whole night ~ Coz alarms always ringing
Firstly is a mei's alarm @ 2.00am , then a call @ 3.00am 
Pei Wen's alarm started to ring @ 4.30 am.... 
Si Beh noisy! Then 5.00 am A may's 2nd alarm rang,
5.30 AM mine and a gal's rang~ 5.45am the mosque have morning call.... 
At 7.00am we went to have breakfast! 
The wan tan mee there is not nice... Sweet deee~ ><
Then about 8.30 am we went to G hotel Lobby... Take picture in the toilet~ 
Then about 9.00am the bus came to pick us up to the jeti~ 
Board ferry and went to the upper stairs.... 
It takes about 1 hr and 40 min to reach pulau payar. 
Almost everybody feel wanna vomit on the ferry. 
But we went up a boat again~ By Langkawi Coral. 
Went snokelling~ But water always go into the mask. 
And when a gal saw Spttyls attlas -- a kind of dunno wat fish~ with sharp teeth~ 
We decided to go up.... ahahah... Went to the aquarium under the boat.... 
Saw many " shi ban yu " ... all big big one.. 
After lunch we went to the shore.... 
Then we go see people feed the sharks.... 
alll small sharks oni la... but i still quite scare~ ><
Barracuda appears also leh~ Scary summore~ All the fish lari when they see it coming ~ 
After a while playing at the shore there then me gal and a mei faster go up the boat shower..... 
A mei feel wanna vomit... coz she go up the boat too early..... 
About 4.00 pm the ferry came.... The wave damn big wei...... 
Slept in the ferry ...... 
After having dinner went bek to sleep... 
Had a nice sleep...... 

06-06-09 Saturday
Early in the morning woke up again@ 6.45am .... 
Went around penang. 
Had penang hokkien mee... ---- Har Mee.... 
And went to Kek lok si, Bukit Bendera and err....
Bought T shirts .... 
When we wanna go bek , bought biscuits..... 
Then went home.... reached kepong @ 9.oo pm .
Have dinner, Ais Kacang and Zhu zap Tong.... 
Went home and slept!!!!! 

-01-06-09 --- Shopping day with Donkey! -

Early in the morning i woke up .... @ 10.30 am like tat. 
Went to meet donkey ma @ midvalley there by KTM.
12.10pm i reached midvalley and found the old donkey in Guardian~ hahaha... 
Then we go eat sushi king~ Finished then we start shopping~ 
End up buying 2 shirts --- VOIR RM 69.90
NIVEA moisturizer + toner --- RM 40.00 
Cotton --- RM 9.90 
Then we started to talk here talk there ~ walk here walk there ~ 
Until 7.00pm like tat a ma de brother came to fetch her from midvalley~ 
Then when i wanna go bek with KTM~ Theres a dunno where come de guy keep on kacau me~ 
At last donate ---( He say not donate , is  help ) RM 10.00
Waited for the second train~ Coz too much people liao~ 
Reached home @ about 8.30 pm ~ Tired betul ~ 
Hhaha... But like wt a ma say~ E2 like left me and her always go out oni.... 
The next day Chicken asked a ma go out~ but i have class~ haiz~ 
Miss my friends so much~