Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Had a great valentines date yesterday ~~~!
i feel proud of me and sachin. that we don't have to be closer on valentines day. 
because its how close we are everyday. 
Last saturday we went to Seoul Garden in Gurney to have dinner. 
Actually the plan was going to italiannies in gurney paragon but its full ~~~ 
But its alright, so we headed to gurney. 
Spend 3 hours jus eatingggg.... OMG we're like piggsss~~~ hahaha
Then we headed home. i was thinking. shit. we're like old couples dee..... 
that time was. 11 something. so early weiii..... then we watched spirited away and he fall asleep halfway.
Potong betul. 
On valentines day, we went on a movie date. starwars 3D. the whole cinema. 5 people. WTF.
and after the show. i know why. because the 3d effect sucks. 
then we met up with yiwen they all who went to single "party" and ended up in tea garden~~~~ 
Really really had fun ~~!!