Monday, June 30, 2008

He turns 8!


My Youngest brother just turned eight today...


I 4get to take picture of his doraemon cake...



Happy Birthday eric boy...

Hope you can grow up faster... haha...

Love ya..

-This is my boy-

cute ya?

Where is he lookin at?

He's concentrated on his " niang niang" thing~

Cute boy

He surely need some assistance in cutting the cake...

Happy Birthday Boy!

--HaPpY mOnDaY--

Ahah... Great monday....
Having a good start early in the morning....
ho ho ho..
tell u guys..
my physics presentation SUCKS...
Hah... I throw all the things to my fellow team members....
Stupid fei po summore go becum vase in front...
oH nO...
Did i ever mentioned a gal?
She likes to compare...
And tell u...
I dun lk her at all...
Had a fun time in discussing things...
Having very " leong" group name " ANTENNA" ..
And fellows very " leong" members...
Hey... Sam baked cookies...
Can u ever imagine?
Its not nice....
I'm tellin the truth...
So.... Dun b angry hor... kaka...
..Fei po's pm wirttin..
-When can i get rid of these people-
This is totally writtin bout us.... wahaha
wat to do?
Bu shuang?
Come bite me ler...
And our class....
Another " phei wyin" appears...
Yean chin have fringe in front...
Oh My God...
...It doesnt reli suits him...
Dun worry dear... it will be long soon...
Kido... Ur hair looks shorter edi la... haha...
dun b so dissapointed...
-Thinking bout what can i do.. To be who i supposed to be-

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Everyone seems to be emo today...
Y? Y? and Y?
coz of stupid chemistry and maths paper....
haiz.... chill up...
Its sunday....
Have good fun...
Although i haven finish my math homework and i;m going to hef presentation tmr...

---Still trying hard to be whom i suppose to be---

Friday, June 27, 2008

-Not Feeling Well-


Not feeling well in the early morning...

---Having flu---

used up lots of tissues~ kakaka~


Now working hard o the physics thing... WTF!

Trying to understand wat i dun understand...

Trying to do wat i am suppose to do...


---What is this---

ESL Final Report dued on 10-07-2008

Physics Final Report dued on 11-07-2008

Lovely MID YEAR EXAM starts from 22-07-2008

Including---BIOLOGY==Macromolecules M1-17, Cells C1-C10,Organism O1-2 DIE

CHEMISTRY= Chapter 1,2,3 that will totally KILL me

Maths=Chapter 1-6 --OH DEAR

Physics=Chapter 1-9 ---SHIT

ESL---I love you

Ha... Thats the end of my life---

--Dying --

Not more than a month!

-----Trying hard to be who i should be-----

Thursday, June 26, 2008


It's a bz day for me~
Finishing up my bio,
corrected everything,
and finally have the draft,
but at the end,
i found sthing wrog wif my draft,
okay.. correct it again~ and~ dun bother anymore~
And th most terrible for me is that my chemistry,
although having improvement, but...
A stupid gal ruined my happiness~
Minus two marks~
wat is the hell of two marks?
Nvmd~ Chill~
And imagine that, i got home at 9PM today,
doing physics assignments~
and wat the hell someone make me angry oso today~
i reli dunno wat the hell is in her mind~
dunno la~
fed up~
Wanna end this bz day edi...
wanna haf a sleep~

Wednesday, June 25, 2008




为什么可以有人的思想,不成熟到某种程度, 一种我永远都无法接受的程度。。。
明明就是个美人儿, 却要硬说自己很丑,

Monday, June 23, 2008


Seems like everyone is quite emo today~
what happens?
Make me feel emo by now~
Sad ~
Start feeling well when i remember this~
Thinking of "the one" hu told me this~
Miss him alot!
Somebody makes their problem complicated...
and actually its so easy to get rid or even solve it...
Y? Y they haf to torture themselves for minor things?
I dun reli understand~
wanna do something but...
I noe myself well, i noe that i cant do anything except waiting~
Wait and wait and wait~ Thats all~

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Finally i figured out how to use that stupid GRAPHIC CALCULATOR~
dunno we learn for wat~ no use oso~ SHIT lor~
and Stupid eveready battery make me so fish~
i took my calculator to the shop and then the guy tell me that my round battery is still functioning~
FISH lor~
and from now onwards , I use ENERGIZER~ ...hng!
k la~
one more problem keep on bothering me~
wat happen to is@ne? dunno wat they two doing....
haiz~ dun break la~ ok? listen to me...
won wrong de~
hehe~ me expert mar~ ^^
anyway hope they two will think properly la~
Sor lui today go sungai wang arrr~
pity de me stay at home .... doing stupid de maths....
haven started on the past year questions~ ngiao ngiao ngiao~ kaka~
this is wat our class fei po likes to do~
i think i haven talk bout her here~
ok la~
On the second day in class... me and my xin gan realised that there is an irritating voice ....
and we found out it came from fei po....
from that day onwards... we often hear... huh?!!! What?!!! Why?!!!I dunno!!!!
Oh dear.... My ears feel so painful~
and Ngiao Ngiao Ngiao~ .... still got four tones.... shit!
so me and xin gan ... decided to be sacarstic...
not us lar~ miss angelene , mister yap chem and physics , even bio teacher did tat too~
imagine that...
Miss Angelene---- Obesity... major problem... almost all article she gave.... haha
Mr Yap(Chem)--- Those got so many fats still feel cold? Eat less rice~ If not wont slim down~
Mr Yap (phys)--- Anyone in our class has weight of one tan?---Pening---
Miss Loke---Someone has a pear shape body.. those with apple shape have the higher risk to get certain diseases... Oh My God!
OK la ~tats all for today~ many things to talk bout her ~

Saturday, June 21, 2008

CSJH-The Grace

CSJH-The Grace





-CSJH-known as THE GRACE and also TXZS-

-Korean gals group-

-Great performance on accapella-

-Dreams come true-



-Dancing Queen-

-Cant help falling in love in u-








k la~ i upload this for my xin gan~
TVXQ-also known as DBSK
-Korean Group-
-Have nice voice and damm good in accapella-
-I Believe-
-Somebody to love-


damm frustrated with maths....
and monday is the test~
wat should i do????
and damm the stupid dinosaur~
say wanna break wif still wan kido's phone no...
well , we decided to give her yean chin's no and say that's kido's... haha....
this idea comes from clever de me~ muahahaha~
And wat the hell she go kacau phei wyin so early in the morning to ask bout kido~
and i cant belief that she's so play~
guess wat? she like wee ming(sam) be4~ OMG!
deng lor~
i can totally imagine the next victim will be TOM~ hahahahaha~ Sor miao~

* i got news tat my relative in melacca had an accident,
patah kaki , patah tangan, still got the skin come out from his thighs~
Hope he'll recover soon~

k la~ need to sleep edi~ tiring~

Unfinished food~

-Wanna noe wat happens to the UNFINISHED food-
Designed by : Xin Gan--Yoke see--
Cooperate(sumtimes)--Kido-Huai Yee--
Beh Tahan--Jaimie-Phei Wyin-Vivian--
Anyway...Sumtime Joseph will do oso~
but his we have to wait untill i collect the pictures ~

In Pizza Hut! That gal closes her face!

wanna noe wats inside?
--Spagetti-mushroom soup-pepper-salt-cheese powder-vegetables-coke--

-Bento-Sushi king-

--Many things inside--

-Rice wif Wasabi and kicap-

-Prawn-Yam cake i think-Lemon-salad-vegetables-

-This is wat she call FINE DINING-

- Chili- Brocolli-Prawn-Chicken-Potatoes-Apple snow-Honey dew Snow-

Friday, June 20, 2008


Today had our PHYSICS exam.... gg...
not enough time to finish ~ T.T
Today we have 4 hrs break~
went for H2O, the web for sushido, and? sitting in the cafeteria, doing biology~ haiz~
And guess what?
I did sthing crazy today, me and xin gan helped joseph to ask the name of a gal he admire....
Haha~ and her name is "jia wen" , joseph should thanks both of us~
Next time maybe i can take her phone no too~ >< Kido oso have someone who admire him~ Dinosaur from e1 ~ and what the hell she wants to socialize with him every break! No way and ask her dun dream so much! She ignore phei wyin's sweet, but when she heard that's kido's, she just immediately took one~ haha~ Seems that kido wont lead a peaceful life after this~ And that stupid yean chin din bring his bow tie today~ i was so excited bout it! Haiz~ and he's so nerd to carry joseph's bag and button up all his button~ hahaha....

Stand still!

I feel so good! Like sorhai !

k ~ tats all for today~ wanna have a nice sleep~ havent sleep well since tuesday~

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nice But tiring day~

Haiyaya~ had our maths DI today~
Individual task~ luckily can do part of it~ haiz~
min get 82 for chemistry~ What should i do?
Can i get as good as hers?
Maybe can maybe cannot?
Today we had our assess bio practical~
see wat my xin gan have done with the potatoes..
She sure loves tvxq very much!

And guess what , she cuts the potato with the back of the knife and ask me " bao bei , y the knife not tajam one?" haha~
And she totally dun like wwm~ he imitates her with a very weird and irritating sound!
Summore~ Kido is so good in peeling potatoes! Next time should ask him cook for us~ haha
Tmr having physics exam~ gotta study edi la~ tats all for today~~~~~ ^^

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Finally finish chemistry CT 2 today~ what the hell~ Stupid questions come out and stupid me cannot answer~ SHIT!
The worst is the DI for maths~ Fcuk! Cant take it anymore~
I cant even answer the question~ Why?!!! My maths becomes so poor?!No way~
I'm proud of maths~
Planning to score well in the Ct2~
I dun wan to be peer tutor~
I dunno anything~
How can i be a tutor?
I reli dont noe~
If i cant teach~
Pls forgive me my dearest students~
k k ?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bad day~

Having a bad day today~
i dun belief that i critised her today...><
why? Her behaviour is a little bit WEIRD?
wanna start study for chemistry today....
Guess wat? i finished my ISSUE ANALYSIS...
and Ms Angelene asked me so many questions~
1. How is your relationship with ur family?
2. What do you think about family conflict?
3. Describe ur relationship with ur sibling.
4. Adolescent are always spending their time wif peers, why?
5. What r the difficulties of adoslents in school?
6. Streesful life will lead adolescent to negative activities, can u show the negative activities?
7. Why do these negative activities occurs, why adoslescent do so?
8.What do you think about truancy?
9. State ur opinion on teenage pregnancy.
10. Which solution u think is the best way for solving teenage pregnancy?

Oh dear~ 10 Questions~ OMG! I stop for so long~ and err~ i think my results will pk~ SHIT!
Wanna continue studying CHEM now~ Tmr CT2...T.T~

Monday, June 16, 2008

Terrible dayz~

I had a terrible day today,
beside rushing for all the assignments we have to hand in today,
i have to face my results today~
WTF! 2A 2B 1C? Am i suppose to be satisfied? Yes? No?
I want room for improvement~
I get frustrated when i see my bao bei playing with her leftover food again...
Why can she do this?
Arghhh!!! Mood Swings ~
had math consultation! And as a result i became a peer tutor to three gals...
But can i do this? Am i suppose to bare the responsibility?
I hope No! As i cant even take care of myself~
And i'm so disapointed to say that y can SHE behaved like this?
cant take it anymore... Will i BURST someday~
will i? I'm damm sad now~ sad and disapointed, like having my whole world DARK~
wanna start on ISSUE ANAYLIS~ cant afford to get another C in ESL~
Chemistry too~ cant even understand the questions asked~
I hope i can stand till the last minute~ I hope so~

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Frens Foreva~

He Did this infront of the PUBLIC~

They possed~

Love My bao bei~

Cool Rite?


Genting trip on 24th and 25th May

Since i've just create my blog... Then this one will be a postpone one~
24th and 25th May....
Having the FIRST OVERNIGHT TRIP with E2 classmates...
Who's in?
BeAr, kIdO,yOkE sEe,YeAn ChIn,KuNg LuNg.jOsEpH,HoNg PiNg,
JaImIe=Tat's me, GaNdHi, sHiVaRaM
( eLIaS, and tWo UNKWOWN guy)=Not FrOm E2
We had a great time having fun together,
early in the morning, AT 6 A.M., I morning called everyone,
Someone didnt even bother to answer my phone!
Then, i went to the train (KTM) station, and so STUPID, the train was LATE!
I reach KL Sentral LATE.
The FIRST bus where we r suppose to board went off~
So, we get the 2nd bus~
The Bus Drivers are soooooo..... dammm...... FRUSTRATED...
And we get scolded of getting LATE... haha~
Then we waited Hong Ping at the Cable Car....
There's where i found a leng chai~ haha~ u noe hu is that~
Wow, This is the first time i'm sitting in a CABLE CAR... Muahaha~
And i reli dun dare to sit wif GANDHI, as that stupid guy jump in the lift~ Shocknya~ >< color="#990000">MAKE UP, where i wont do this in my normal life~ =) Then we went for the THEME PARK~ Having fun like kids. AND, wtf, bear's wallet fell off~ he's so nervous , and luckily he met a nice chinese guy , who got back the wallet from a STUPID guy who is planning to take it. Wat A nice UNCLE. haha We continued playing, then we got our room. DAMM....The room is so small and we paid so much for it, luckily, we can fit with 4 beds. Elias sang a song, Wow, he had nice voice, summore leng zhai~ hehe~ Raining that day, We stay in the room till about 7 pm. We went for pool, this is also my FIRST time playing pool, and guess wat?
My FIRST ball went in the hole, How talented am i~ haha x)
At night, again we go back to theme park, having fun wif the solero shot, where i would not take it in my whole life AGAIN( SCARY ) , but we have fun in the ROLLER COASTER, where we met some BITCHES, who is speaking english and then tell us they dun understand english~ FUCK!Wanna know wat they do? They knocked my from behind and take our places in the roller coaster. RUDE... Who say Malaysian 's are rude? Bitches from other countries are rude too~ Forget about it~ We then went on , and did some crazy things~ We sang NEGARAKU... Which ends in NeGaRaKu, TaNaH TuMpAhNya DaRahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! FUN! We ended our day in PIZZA, and stupid BEAR, starts to tell GHOST STORIES, I told him to stop, or i'll throw him down from genting~ haha~ I'm TOTALLY SCARED~ Then we headed back to the hotel, Stupid shivava was DRUNK! We played cards, watch movies, then slept, So hard to sleep, limited space, and KIDO uses up the most space~ ><
When we wake up early in the morning, we clean the room , then take pictures,
自恋de Me, Kido, Yean chin......
Cannot tahan us de Yoke see, Bear , Joseph , Hong Ping, and Kung lung.
haha~ x)
We went to TIME SQUARE and SG WANG( bcoz of some people and saw leng zhai again) after that,
watch movies, eat, then take pictures again~kakaka~
then we went home~

Feel happy to go out wif u all~
I reli reli appreciate ur companion,
thanks to my BAO BEI,
haha~ love u all~

What a boring day~

-Having a boring day at home-
Jus remember the gathering of my ex-classmates yesterday~
It's so dissapointed,
Is everyone so bz that we cant even see each other?
I have not seen them for about 3 month~
Can u imagine? THREE month, about 100 days~
Haizk~ Wonder what are they doing?
Only three of us appear~ and 5 of them not from our class~
Thanks to my bro ~he's so nice and he's the only one who support me~
What the hell of gathering is this?
But luckily~I still see some 5s2 frens in chonghwa yesterday, just that they cant attend the gathering coz of certain reasons~
Soo Hwa~~~~ I miss you alot~
when r u going to meet me~
I noe u r going for ur training, so best wishes to you,
Dont even think about forgeting me or i'll kill you~ ok?
For all 5s2 Chonghwarians~ i miss you all too~ maybe we can haf a more successful gathering next time?
And wtf~ Chung kwok 2002 batch students are having their gathering on 21 june~
Parent Teacher Meeting day~ SHIT lo~
Can i go? And i hope i wont be scolded by my mom~