Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bad day~

Having a bad day today~
i dun belief that i critised her today...><
why? Her behaviour is a little bit WEIRD?
wanna start study for chemistry today....
Guess wat? i finished my ISSUE ANALYSIS...
and Ms Angelene asked me so many questions~
1. How is your relationship with ur family?
2. What do you think about family conflict?
3. Describe ur relationship with ur sibling.
4. Adolescent are always spending their time wif peers, why?
5. What r the difficulties of adoslents in school?
6. Streesful life will lead adolescent to negative activities, can u show the negative activities?
7. Why do these negative activities occurs, why adoslescent do so?
8.What do you think about truancy?
9. State ur opinion on teenage pregnancy.
10. Which solution u think is the best way for solving teenage pregnancy?

Oh dear~ 10 Questions~ OMG! I stop for so long~ and err~ i think my results will pk~ SHIT!
Wanna continue studying CHEM now~ Tmr CT2...T.T~

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