Thursday, July 29, 2010


I'm going to face my first uni final exam soon.
I don know why this final exam is so scary.
I never felt so anxious like this before.
Keep on studying but yet at the end u feel like its no enough.
So frustrated.
Yesterday i received his msg. He sounds sad.
He really noe the timing of making me sad. ==
Facing finals in another 3 dayz. I cried yesterday.
So so so so depressed.
Black eyes circles coming out. But yet i sleep alot.
Cant sleep well. Everybody ask me y stressed urself like tat?
The answer is i don know.
Whenever i try to sleep, all the thing i've study will run in my head circling my brain.
Like those cartoon~ == haha
Thanks to someone special.
U made me feel warm and secure.
Its good to have you here.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Girl Who has missed a lot.

Suddenly a thought strikes my mind.
What if i'm not that stubborn?
Would i gain back the things that i've lost?
Or from this moment onwards i shud change?

Evidence one -
Maybe i shud have forgive her earlier.
Then i could gain back the fun i suppose to have in choir.
Singing used to be a part of me. Because of tat small incident, i gave up.
Feel so stupid and childish when i think back.
Haha. Now? I think i've lost the opportunity to sing with them again.
Everyone's fall apart. I hope. One day. We can do tat again.

Evidence two -
Jus recently Lavoce choir went to Shao Xing China for the 6th world choir games.
And congrats~!! They got Gold Medal 4~!!
This again strikes my heart.
I really missed alot of fun during the last trip to Xiamen China. Seriously.
I would have enjoy the trip nicely. If i'm not so jealousy.
Kinda funny rite? I know. But wat to do. I'm jus 15~!!

Evidence three -
there's something i always wanted to apologize but i still do not have the guts.
It happened long time ago .
I dun wan to mention what evidence is tat but SORRY.
I think i will go personally.~!

Evidence Four -
Jus enjoy SINGING.
Singing in choir is the Happiest Moment ever in Life.
I jus wish i could go bek to the past.
Or we shud create the future? ^^
I think i'm just too far away from that.

Singing -- Enjoy~!!

## Singing is a part of my life#

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pictures after ages.

Pictures which i took randomly

Jus feel like practicing makeup after bored of studying...
Hope my skills are still there... haha

This pictures really so bad? Y everybody say i like " shen gui yuan fu" ?
Personally like tat pic. ==

Come Lets Guess~!! What is this???

Jai'mie's bek~


It has been ages since the last time I updated my blog.

Connections here are bad. So… no choice ler….

Final is jus in one week ~ Hope I could manage to finish.T.T


I never felt so depressed for such a long time. guess I’m jus having some life problem.

Somehow I’m thinking, how shud I value myself?

From other’s point of view or shud I take my stand?

I cud have jus split it out but it seems hard.

For tat someone.

Sorry seems the only word I could say.

Maybe sorry cannot solve or even heal your wound but I still owe u tat.

I’m currently in a r/s which I do not have the guts to tell you.

Pls dun take it wrongly.

Ya, Guiltiness came upon me.

But yet, I dun think I did something wrong.

Pls be strong as I know u would.

Feeling Insecure.

Why life must be so complicated?

Why is the feeling coming back?

Why do I care?

Why do I Have to face all this things?


Take a breath.

Jus couldn’t breathe.

Put ur arms around me and hold me.

Assure tat I’ll be safe in your arms.