Monday, July 27, 2009

Pist Offfffffffffffffffff


♥Sing K with my darlings♥

Sunday~ 26-07-09
Woke up@ 10 am, waited for Danielle to come pick me up from my home @ 11.30am~
Fetch a gal as well and drive danielle's mom to her uncles house @ Kelana Jaya
Then three of us headed to One -u
Went to Mac city~ Danielle needs to bring her laptop to diagnose as this is the 4th time referral~
Mine is still ok la~ She faces problems like her applications will shut down automatically ~
After 30 mins~ We went to Newway~ Sang from about 2 pm to 6 pm~
With a price of RM36.80 ---- Free Lunch Set~
A gal was so high~ Danielle started to high when her fav song --- Nobody by wonder gals begins~
6 pm~ Paid and leave~
Went to her danielle's uncle house and had dinner~
Played with the little kids there~ Shang Yu and Zi yanne~
They are so cuteeeee~
Bek home @ 9 pm ~ Bath and sleep ~

Saturday, July 25, 2009

♥♥--Counting Down--♥♥

Its only 29 Days Left To Non Working Dayz~
Its another 65 Days Left To Departure Dayz~

Thursday, July 23, 2009

♥Another Random Post♥

Argh~ Its since a week i din blog~
Not that i'm bz but its jus life is boring untill i had nothing to blog~
This week ~ Hmmm~ Other than checking stock list, taking pictures of clothes on maniqueen~ I'm currently working on a new blog.
This blog is still under construction right now~ So ~ If u wanna visit then go ahead~
Comment in the chat box ya~ Thanks Guys~
I love you all so much!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

- Wish Me Luck ! -

Tmr i will be sitting for my Gu Zheng grade 1 exam~
And i din practice at all~
Wish me good luck la ~

Friday, July 17, 2009


近期以来,大家都应该发现到,世界和平,越提倡 越没用。
到youtube去浏览Malaysia Robbery Cases,
Malaysian... Memang apa pun boleh~

Cheras Maluri Robbery

没破的案子比有破的多~ 破的多数是毒品案~
但是毒品对我们的影响还不是很广~ 虽然也是好事啦~
到最后不都是不了了之。 真是悲哀~

这就要看我们的警察有多好的“办事能力” 了~
不过我还是不是很看好~ 算了吧?
曾经有朋友告诉我~ 给政府养的服务业,真的不会好到哪里去。
警察 --- 曾经有朋友发生案件,家里被抢劫,打电话报警,竟然警察还问 “ Ei, itu pencuri sudah lari kah? " 真是@#^$^&%&*
消防局 --- 真实故事, 朋友爸爸的店起火,消防员还说,先拿钱来,不然就不救火~ 这是什么啊?????!!!!!!!!!

总之咧~ 马来西亚人民好自己zapshang 啦~ 靠他们真的不如靠自己~

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I cant Believe it !!!

I really cant believe it~
Why this world become like this liao de~
Just now~ Just 15 mins ago ~
While i was walking to Maybank near my shop,
On the way ~ 100 m away from me,
I saw an indonesian ( i think so ) on a motorbike robbing a woman.
But the woman also xiao la~ Y wanna take ur purse on ur hand leh~
I really stunt there~ dunno wat to do ~
I was so sorry to the woman that i couldnt do anything.
And stupid me forget to see his no plate.
Damn It~ !
Come here then work hard la~
Scare no money if u work hard meh ~
Maybe really our lifes is much too comfortable than them~
So we do not have the same feelings as them~
But still!!!!!!!!!!!!! Robbing is a totally wrong move even u r really poor!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let me see u again and u sure die~

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


也在那一刻,我的心,我的泪, 我的爱,

回顾起我在高二的时候写过的诗篇~ (算是吧?)
算了吧~ 也许是当时太幸福了吧~ 哈哈哈~

♥Changed Template Again♥

Wheezzzzz~ Suddenly have the mood to change my template again~
Although got a little bit ma fan ~ But help ma the poor donkey ma change oso~
Her blog become so nice becoz of me~ wahahahahahah~
ShoeFetish ---- The template she use~
Padmess ---- The template my blog is now using~
Nice leh~~~~~ Hahahaha~
But really ma fan ~ coz have to add everything all over again~
haiz~ But wat i have is time~ Sittin in the shop and doing nthing ~
Pps now oso siao edi~ very de za dao~
cannot watch program liao~ T.T

Counting Down
77 days
to Fly

Monday, July 13, 2009

- Another Random Post -

Today went to settle something bout my education.
Finished @ about 11.30 pm and then go fetch eric.
Then about 4 pm i drove out to Villa Angsana to meet my beloved fren
who came bek from Aus for holiday~ --- Sueflyn aka MinMin ....
Chat around @ her house then went to Chong hwa together....
Meet Zee Mun ....
Took pictures around. Zee mun has a great pro camera.... hahaha
Went to the housing restaurant nearby ... Had some ice cream .... Snacks.....
Then fetch yong lin~ Go home.....
Suddenly realised that now nearly everyone gone overseas....
A lai, Min Min --- Australia
John --- going UK soon
Eng Hui --- Going scotland soon
Erin --- Singapore
Wen Lie , Hong Ping --- Going Singapore soon
Ken Ling + Yong Kang --- Going US soon
Me --- Going India soon
Others i dunno la~ But really so many people wanna leave deee.....

Friday, July 10, 2009

-Tiring Friday Afternoon -

Another random post here~
Jus writting bout some feelings~
Jus finish watching Paris De Lover --- 巴黎恋人
A Korean drama produced in the year 2005.
Park Shin Yong is so Handsome ~ But too old for me~ Haiz ~
Lol~ Wat can i do if he is young? No idea at all~ XD
These days~ Wat i was doing was jus Drama , Movies, Games .
Yesterday had dinner with Meng ~ Jus a normal dinner~
Called a ma the day before, talking bout her college life,
having 2 reports per week.
Studying anatomy~
Well ~ I would like to start study right now if i could~
But~ slowly wait la~ 2 more months to go~
Hehehe~ Yesterday chat with cat ~ going to play sms with him ~
See how his fruit's going to react~ maybe will kill me?
My RO is currently 122 lvl~ Baby went back to Sabah, Civy went back to Labuan~
Everyone started shool ~ How long i have to wait summore~~~~~
Kido decided to do biotech, yean chin still lengah lengah~
Have to save money for a camera~ Any suggestion?
Have to save money for my ODM watch~
Have to save money for everything~ Argh!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

-Angel and Devil Makeover Event-

Yesterday , Me , Alvie and Gal followed Dajie to seremban .
Hoong Leong bank's credit and personal loan department is having an annual dinner there.
Their theme was " Angel and Devil " ...
Da jie trained me and gal the day before~ haha~
She say we r quite talented oso la.... Wakaka
At first we expect that we have to rush ~
Becoz they told us that they have 200++ people who nid the make up...
Reached Seremban Klana Resort Hotel @ 4.30 pm .
Started our make up session @ about 5 pm.
Erm~ I forgot how many angels and devils out of my hand.
Bt i really meet some very mafan de people lo~
Haiz~ ><
But also got some very nice de la~
NO LENG ZAI~ >< LoL...
We finished @ about 7.30 pm and then rushed bek to kl...
Our not-popular-anymore de F1 speed driver --- Jie Fu --- da jie say de
Bring us bek to 1 u....
Had Zenmai sushi as dinner.
Thanks to Dajie anyway~ I had a great experience .....
We really had a lot of fun.. Talking in the car about our makeups....
Taking many pictures together...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Random Post

Hey guys ~ Its seem long time i never updated my life in this blog~
Currently i'm still working~ But already settled all my education thingy~
My last decision is India -Vinakaya Mission University ,
2+3 Twinning program.
Now waiting to depart @ Sept .
Erm~ This few weeks is kinda busy for me~
As my last few post~
Busy-ing go play~ hahaha....
Went a lot of places actually~
Suddenly realised that a lai had flew to Aus~
haha... paiseh la brother~
Sumone who say wanna plan gathering oso dunno go where liao...
Today i'm going to Seremban with my sifu ... Hahaha.... Need help in make up...
I'm a makeup artist too wei.... lol... SS betul ~