Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Going crazy.

Its jus one freakin month left to finals.
Everybody's gettin nervous and maybe anxious bout it.
Its the price to pay if u wanna go home.

Luckily, most of us manage to finish all the practical works.
Now its time to concentrate on studies.

1. Now every lecturer is following the trend of finding out forged signatures.
Don mention about accusing the students for doing so.
Pity those students.

2. Raj Kumar ( baby raj) is getting married soon ~~~ on 3rd of july - which is one day before our models. == but since he's so nice to us. hmmm.... i guess i'll go ~~ ^^

Time flies - this is the last 3 months of my life in india~~~~
Start counting down~!! 69 days to go home~~~~

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hectic week.

This week is so tiring. 
We got fired from almost each department. 

Prostho department was so angry for the forge signature thingy. 
kesian kenneth. haiz. 
And that's one thing that theng said : "  if u wanna forge, go back and practice ten or twenty times how to sign first mar . " swt. hahaha... 
But he's kinda hardworking nowadays. Going class and catching up with all the pracs. 

patho department decided to show how efficient they are. 
We no longer have theory classes, substituted with theory exams. 
* ya, very efficient, kononnya. *

Ha, there's something interesting that i heard. 
its about a lecturer in my college. 
*and perhaps all of us know who is he?* 
stubborn and wicked.  
Its seems that he started his BDS at the age of 36. 
Finishing it in 8 yrs, means he's practically 44 yrs old when he graduate. 
and the most interesting part is his dental chair is actually made of cement? 
cement? wow. 
Sachin kinda make up a story of him with the title 
"even god cannot save you." hahaha. 

Working on my complete dentures and removable partial dentures. 
in progressssssssss....

K. chaoz. having patho exam early in the morning.
-Wish Me Luck-

# Miss u #