Saturday, June 21, 2008

Unfinished food~

-Wanna noe wat happens to the UNFINISHED food-
Designed by : Xin Gan--Yoke see--
Cooperate(sumtimes)--Kido-Huai Yee--
Beh Tahan--Jaimie-Phei Wyin-Vivian--
Anyway...Sumtime Joseph will do oso~
but his we have to wait untill i collect the pictures ~

In Pizza Hut! That gal closes her face!

wanna noe wats inside?
--Spagetti-mushroom soup-pepper-salt-cheese powder-vegetables-coke--

-Bento-Sushi king-

--Many things inside--

-Rice wif Wasabi and kicap-

-Prawn-Yam cake i think-Lemon-salad-vegetables-

-This is wat she call FINE DINING-

- Chili- Brocolli-Prawn-Chicken-Potatoes-Apple snow-Honey dew Snow-

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