Sunday, June 15, 2008

Genting trip on 24th and 25th May

Since i've just create my blog... Then this one will be a postpone one~
24th and 25th May....
Having the FIRST OVERNIGHT TRIP with E2 classmates...
Who's in?
BeAr, kIdO,yOkE sEe,YeAn ChIn,KuNg LuNg.jOsEpH,HoNg PiNg,
JaImIe=Tat's me, GaNdHi, sHiVaRaM
( eLIaS, and tWo UNKWOWN guy)=Not FrOm E2
We had a great time having fun together,
early in the morning, AT 6 A.M., I morning called everyone,
Someone didnt even bother to answer my phone!
Then, i went to the train (KTM) station, and so STUPID, the train was LATE!
I reach KL Sentral LATE.
The FIRST bus where we r suppose to board went off~
So, we get the 2nd bus~
The Bus Drivers are soooooo..... dammm...... FRUSTRATED...
And we get scolded of getting LATE... haha~
Then we waited Hong Ping at the Cable Car....
There's where i found a leng chai~ haha~ u noe hu is that~
Wow, This is the first time i'm sitting in a CABLE CAR... Muahaha~
And i reli dun dare to sit wif GANDHI, as that stupid guy jump in the lift~ Shocknya~ >< color="#990000">MAKE UP, where i wont do this in my normal life~ =) Then we went for the THEME PARK~ Having fun like kids. AND, wtf, bear's wallet fell off~ he's so nervous , and luckily he met a nice chinese guy , who got back the wallet from a STUPID guy who is planning to take it. Wat A nice UNCLE. haha We continued playing, then we got our room. DAMM....The room is so small and we paid so much for it, luckily, we can fit with 4 beds. Elias sang a song, Wow, he had nice voice, summore leng zhai~ hehe~ Raining that day, We stay in the room till about 7 pm. We went for pool, this is also my FIRST time playing pool, and guess wat?
My FIRST ball went in the hole, How talented am i~ haha x)
At night, again we go back to theme park, having fun wif the solero shot, where i would not take it in my whole life AGAIN( SCARY ) , but we have fun in the ROLLER COASTER, where we met some BITCHES, who is speaking english and then tell us they dun understand english~ FUCK!Wanna know wat they do? They knocked my from behind and take our places in the roller coaster. RUDE... Who say Malaysian 's are rude? Bitches from other countries are rude too~ Forget about it~ We then went on , and did some crazy things~ We sang NEGARAKU... Which ends in NeGaRaKu, TaNaH TuMpAhNya DaRahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! FUN! We ended our day in PIZZA, and stupid BEAR, starts to tell GHOST STORIES, I told him to stop, or i'll throw him down from genting~ haha~ I'm TOTALLY SCARED~ Then we headed back to the hotel, Stupid shivava was DRUNK! We played cards, watch movies, then slept, So hard to sleep, limited space, and KIDO uses up the most space~ ><
When we wake up early in the morning, we clean the room , then take pictures,
自恋de Me, Kido, Yean chin......
Cannot tahan us de Yoke see, Bear , Joseph , Hong Ping, and Kung lung.
haha~ x)
We went to TIME SQUARE and SG WANG( bcoz of some people and saw leng zhai again) after that,
watch movies, eat, then take pictures again~kakaka~
then we went home~

Feel happy to go out wif u all~
I reli reli appreciate ur companion,
thanks to my BAO BEI,
haha~ love u all~

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