Friday, December 11, 2009

Yercauld Alcoholic trip 11-11-2009

Right after class on friday we went up to a hill, some sort of cameron highlands,
Name : Yercauld
Location : Some hill in Salem
Temperature : 3-4 times much more cooler than camerons
Me, Yi wen, Evania, Dorothy, Esther, Vivien , Yow Hee, Sachin ,
Shane, Lok Ann, Hua Huan, Jessel, Suzanne, Kuan Hui
Me and Lok Ann
Me and Kuan Hui
Me and a NIA~
Me and HeeHee
Sterling Restaurant
Hoody team
Me and Yiwen
Cloud 9
GranD pAlace Hotel
Me and Esther
Me and Sachin
Me and Hua huan
Me and Shane
Sachin and Shane
He seems like enjoying it... haha

Feel calm after coming back from this trip,
might be because of the cool air or the alcohols....
I knew that some sort of things had to b solved,
but i jus feel that i wanna escape.... Though i noe i cant....
Jus face the problem, and i dun think its easy to settle....
Tried my best... And yet, nthing works.... F"""k ~

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