Thursday, September 25, 2008


Nearly death this few dayz~ 
I went slept over at a ma's house~ 
Geee--- she wants me to sleep in the AQUARIUM---
Ama so bad~ 
summore wanna KICK me and HUG in in the middle of the night~ 
So charm lar meee~
You gonna see how she sleep
Then see how she brush her teeth
Then see how she eat
And i reli noe how to wake her up early in the morning
From 4.30 call until 5 oni she wake up~ 
hehehe~ A ma~ i noe a gong oso face problem like tat oso~ 
Continue drink ur ENFAGROW la
A ma bone not strong enough~ 
summore the teeth cannot eat hard de things~ 
Need more CALCIUM~ 
Summore wanna whack a gong~ 
Kai ma and Kai ye very funny~ ^^
always ask me to eat~ ><
Kai ma say one day need 4 bottles of water
Kai ye say haf to eat a lot if not no energy to hold pen for exam~ 
Nice family~ 
Then  i watch Ho Ma~ @ a ma's house~ 
make me so eager to watch moonlight romance ~ 
YER..... downloading~ 

k k ~ tats all for this time~ 
wanna go prepare sthing edi~ 


sakuralim said...

hehe, look like i bully u....
so sadzzz.....
hehe, bt den i dun rmb i g0t hugzz n kick u when i slept....
haha, luckily, i g0t close my door when i brush my teeth last day...later i capture my beauty pic....

=SoRgUa-AyuMi= said...

hehe~ i still got chance de~ dun scare~ ^^