Saturday, August 9, 2008


Okay~ it's been a long time i din update my blog edi~
This week~ the whole week i'm suffering from sickness...
I feel uncomfortable with headache~
wow~ the feel is sure torturing me...
-Tuesday- Just then i felt better with the headache~
My skin come on irritating, caused of allergy~
-Wednesday- Started to haf sorethroat~ Oh Damm~
-Thursday- Haven recover for sorethroat, then go run in the rain summore~
Feel totaly sick~
-Friday- Sorethrout continue~ Flu comes~ wowow ~
-Satuday- Started my chinese harp(古筝) lesson, hand damm painful leh~ ><
but i like the feel of the harp~ hehe^^
Went to SOGO to find my heels~
And this is the first and the last time i'm surrounded by wantans~
OH SHIT! Quickly buy the shoes and then left ~
SOGO arent a classed place anymore
~coz of the present of TOO MANY WANTONS~
-My Sunday starts from now~
but will work on the presentation and also phsics CT3 and maths project!

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