Friday, August 15, 2008


Seems that im reli reli reli bz this week....
Having Physics exam, Physics assignments,
ESL Presentation, Math Exam....
The whole week kept bz to finish all this stuff....

We finally had our ESL presentation on wednesday and friday,
Miss angelene says that our performance is quite good .
So keep up the group work my fellow teammates...
James and Joseph seems to be very nervous , but still ok~
Jus remember that our " precious" bio teacher says that vivi's dress is too short~
and~ my heels are too high~ Whats the matter with her? ><

Next, PROM NITE is coming,
Date : " 19 NOV 2008"
Venue : " Sunway resort hotel"
Our class.. mostly are going, about 22 persons but feel so sorry for carol and roshiny coz not enough seats... hope we can open another table....><
Yoke see asked fei po whether she want to go or not~ and seems that she " insaf" edi~ haha
C****e ... go and write her name on the prom registeration form~
damm~ we dun want her to sit together laaaaaa~
Yesterday ABA(jie sin) came back to taylors to find us~
She left SAM and take matriculation and the skool name quite weird~
" Matriculasi kolej Negeri Sembilan"
so obviously she's in negeri sembilan~
We went old town and had our lunch~ and yoke see as usual play with her food again~
Vivi and my lao po(huaiyee) ate the omega3 egg + bread~
When u hear the name~ u can imagine how nice is the food~ wahaha
but they finished it oso~
This week taylors is checking the student IDs....
Heard someone said that its becoz there's
sexual harrasment towards ICPU's teacher ...
Hu noes? Somemore is three indian guys not from taylors~
made things so complicated and now we haf to hang the ID infront our chest~~~~
I'm going to haf my HOLIDAY!!!!!!

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