Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This week my life's like shit!
HaizHaizHaiz~ Thinkin bout it makes me so sad~~~ wowowow~
Haven recovered from flu~~~ ><
Got back my physics and chemistry mid year paper~
Guess wat?!!! I FAILED MY CHEMISTRY!!!
I hate myself so much~~~ ARGH!!!
Had physics CT3 today ~ and again~ i'll jus say that~
O MI TO FO ...
Talking bout presentation,
i'm suppose to haf presentation on monday~
after all the prepration`~~~ we got a conclusion~~
Teacher is ABSENT~ for 2 days~ OMG!!!
So haf to postpone to tmr~~~ but~ nvmd lar~ ><
We all wear black formal wear on monday~ such a memorable moment ~

-Rabbit smile-












James -" 望咩望,我同我律师keng哏数"



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