Sunday, April 15, 2012

Screw up the past. I am a better person and now and would be better in the future.

These few days i kept thinking of my past. Of all the craps i have done and regretted.
Guess what. Screw them. I know that i am a better person right now.
Who doesnt make mistakes? The most important thing is to learn from them and never repeat the same thing again.
I am who i am. I am what i believed i am.
This morning i read a girl's blog which says that she does not do things to please people.
I think it is very true but how many people can be cool like her.
I wanted to be cool like her. But just a lot of circumstances.
I've always wanna be the pretty , intelligent girl. ALWAYS.
and now. i jus wanna be who i am. The Jaimie who believes in who she is.
Jaimie who is confident and look good although that she is chubby.
The jaimie who is so lan si when she meet strangers.
Yes. I am who i am. And if u dont like me, pls stay away from me.
I do not need people who please me and backstab me.
Jus need friends who could tell me when i am wrong.
Friends who could stand my personality because this is who i am.

= Jaimie 16-04-2012 =

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