Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year~~~~~~

Its Chinese New Year nw so i wish all my friends and family member a Happy Dragon Year~~ 
Its been 2 years since i celebrated CNY at home. 
It felt jus right. Despite having class during cny for the past 2 years~~ =)
Had family reunion dinner with grandma, uncle don and aunt may~~ 
But grandma went back to Melacca after the dinner~~ 
Went to my mother's side family gathering and it was awesome~~!! 
I tot the family tradition of gathering together had lost but it has proven me wrong. 
All the loved ones gathered around, having lunch , its probably the best thing to do. ^^ 
Gathering with my secondary school choir friends @ pavillion yesterday 
Its been a long while since i saw them. Had a wonderful night @uma rani where all our memories flash back~ ^^ 
It tot i was the only one who gaved up singing. But. I guess everyone couldnt find the passion of singing anymore. Except for "xianyao" who is still living his dream~ And he's great, without any doubt. 
We all love you and will support you ~~!! Ga Yao~~!! 

Its not my fault that we've been apart. 
So stop making people believe that it is my fault. 
I have the right not to do whatever damn thing that i do not want to do. 
and this include contacting you. 
Because it will mean a lot of trouble to me. 
You weren't the same person anymore too. 
You know what have you done , nt to me but someone who cares and love you too. 
So. You dont have to explain what have i done to you because i know what am i doing. 

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